Teen Mom

Cory & Cheyenne Joining the Cast of Teen Mom

If you follow Teen Mom news, which I don’t, Farrah Abraham was fired from the show because she’s an awful person. Now down to three girls with mostly uninteresting lives, it was unclear if Farrah would be replaced.

It appears MTV has scouted new parents from other reality shows to fill the void caused by Farrah. TheAshley reports that Cory Wharton and Cheyenne Floyd are the new parents appearing on Teen Mom.

The two have a one-year-old daughter named Ryder and have an extensive list of appearances on MTV reality shows. Cory made his debut in 2014 on Real Word Ex-Plosion, competed on five seasons of The Challenge, is currently on Ex on the Beach, and will make an appearance on The Challenge: Final Reckoning despite not being on the official cast. Cheyenne has a shorter list, having appeared on Are You the One? Season 3 in 2015 and The Challenge: Rivals 3 in 2016. This is where she met Cory.

Basically, Cory is now the face of MTV. I’m not surprised he jumped at this opportunity, but I am surprised Cheyenne did. She has been fairly protective of Ryder and is known to clap back when people mention her online.

So if you’re looking to get more out of Cory, tune into Teen Mom OG later this year or in early 2019.


    1. Exactly. I find it quite stupid and desperate. Why not have one of the Teen Mom 3 girls since we already have one in TM2. Ridiculous.

  1. I’m surpise they didn’t want Tony. They might be renaming the show, they haven’t signed contacts with the Teen Moms yet plus none of them are ‘teens’ anymore.

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