Challenge: Final Reckoning

The Challenge: Final Reckoning Trailer Breakdown

As I’ve done with prior seasons, I have giving you a second-by-second analysis of the trailer for the upcoming Challenge season: Final Reckoning. While there are no “spoilers” here, it’s incredibly easy to draw some conclusions from this post. If you’re trying to stay 100% spoiler-free, this may not be the post for you.Welcome to South Africa!

Reminder of Dirty Thirty, part 1 of the trilogy.

Tori’s surprised face from Dirty Thirty that will forever be used in promos.

Reminder of Vendettas, part 2 of the trilogy.

Cara Maria giving the finger on Vendettas. Production can’t decided whether or not that want to censor the middle finger. This time they did.

Marie. Either in the dark or having an x-ray.

Marie emerging from a coffin. It appears cast members will have to unbury their partner at the beginning of the season.

TJ is back!

The elimination, known as the “Armageddon” this season.

Devin and Cory!? What are they doing here?

A challenge where pillars are swinging toward competitors. Cara Maria and Marie pictured here.

Sky view.

Now they’re falling.

CT wants the money.

Britni fighting over a meal of orange juice and ketchup.

Chuck punching a wall. This is getting wild!

Tori WTFing.

The Queen of Invasion and her ex, Hunter.

The past led to this.

Jenna, Kailiah, Kam, Cara Maria, Kyle, Sylvia. Jozea, Britni.

Oh, Tori and Nelson where hiding there too.

CT looking into Veronica.

Team chocolate lovin’

Is Cara Maria listening to the rules, or staring at Paulie?

Another Tori shock face.


Sylvia and Kayleigh’s empty bed. Sad.

Sylvia falling.

Shane taking the time to console Kailah, but he refuses to put down his Fruity Pebbles.

A closeup of Kailah crying.

A competitor smashing glass in a box.

Marie trying to convince us she’s not that mean while Natalie tries to get into a frame that will be aired on TV.

Kam and Melissa hugging?? Whaaat?

Kayleigh talking to Nelson.

Kayleigh rolling a large ball.

Sylvia rolling a large ball.

Multiple teams rolling large balls.

Kailah pushing Melissa, but let’s address the real elephant in the room here. Why did Bananas bring a boa to this Challenge?

Paulie throwing a fit.

Cara Maria crying.

Britni and Chuck fighting.

Britni and Jemmye training for the next challenge.

Angela packing her stuff and saying she doesn’t care about the game as Faith follows and Shane questions her.

Kyle screaming at the moon.

Brad and Kyle in a challenge.

Hmmm… I wonder when this is.

CT throwing Veronica off the edge.

Teams suspended in the air fighting during a challenge.

Britni screaming.

It’s the end of The Challenge as you know it.

A challenge, high in the air.

Kyle in a challenge.

A competitor underwater in the Armageddon.

A competitor punching through a wall in the Armageddon.

Tori wants to know what the hell production has in store for her this season.

Cara Maria and Marie in a challenge.

Bananas upside down in a challenge.

Nelson in a challenge.

Nelson somewhere else.

Spectators marching toward the Armageddon.

A shadowy figure in the Armageddon. He doesn’t look like someone I remember seeing on the cast?

Marie looking down.

Final Reckoning. The third part of the trilogy.

Tune in. July 10th at 9/8c!

If you notice any errors in my captions, please comment below to correct me. No spoilers beyond what is visible in the trailer please!


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