Challenge: Final Reckoning

Cara Maria and Paulie are Dating

It’s official! Cara Maria and Paulie are dating.

Cara Maria revealed to Us she continues to see the Big Brother alumni. Though she doesn’t call him her boyfriend. In fact, she barely confirms they’re an item. All she says is “,I guess you would have to call it dating.”

It appears she enjoys how affectionate Paulie is, and the fact he’s not controlling like her exes have been. This is great for the both of them, and I hope it works out.

Of course, we all know Paulie has a history. We watched Big Brother, Ex on the Beach, and the drama with his Bachelorette girlfriend. On the first episode of Final Reckoning he stated he was with Danielle from The Bachelor and he didn’t want to ruin things with her. We also saw Cara Maria come onto Paulie, so she clearly had no problem with his past.

We’ll see how this relationship evolves as the season progresses.

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  1. Guessing more Bachelor/Bachelorette alums are going to participate on the challenge now. Granted Josh already did Champs vs Stars.

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