Challenge: Final Reckoning

Where is Devin on The Challenge: Final Reckoning?

In the premier episode of The Challenge: Final Reckoning, we find Bananas without a partner. In case you’re not aware, Banana’s original partner for Final Reckoning was Devin, but he never made it to the point where he’d unbury Bananas.

Sadly, Devin needed to leave The Challenge to return home because his father passed away. I wasn’t sure if this would be included in the story line for the first episode, but apparently production didn’t want to explain why Bananas had no partner. I understand, as this is a private family matter and they probably didn’t want to involve Devin’s family in The Challenge. Since filming, Devin has discussed his father’s passing and has expressed gratitude for the kindness shown toward him and his family during this difficult time.

As we’ve seen in the preview, Devin returns to The Challenge as a Mercenary. This is after the services for his father.

My thoughts remain with Devin’s family, and no one faults him for leaving the show for such an important reason. I am glad he got the chance to return. He’s one of the new school Challenge stars and it’s doubly sad to see someone lose an opportunity due to this type circumstance.



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