The Challenge 33: Rumors & Speculation

We’re a few months away from Challenge 33 filming, but I wanted to start a wild speculation thread prior to the beginning of the show.

The End of The Challenge As We Know It

This season may be an important turning point for The Challenge. As we know, Final Reckoning will be the end of an era. Though we don’t know what this means, it does lead to some speculations. Most likely, it just means the Dirty Thirty/ Vendettas/ Final Reckoning trilogy. While it could mean someone is leaving the show, both Bananas and TJ have stated they intend on staying on The Challenge.

Casting Rumors

Some availability calls have been going out, but knowing the final cast may be difficult. More outside shows are going to be contacted, and some people from Survivor have been called. There’s also rumors of Survivor Australia bring integrated into the show. It is also rumored at least one cast member from Asia’s Top Model has been contacted. Jemmye stated on a podcast that she wouldn’t be surprised if people from The Bachelor were on the show.

Kailah has stated she doesn’t expect anyone else from her RW season to be contacted for the show, because they’re irrelevant at this point. Same could be said for RW: Bad Blood.

Don’t expect to see Cory. He is focusing on Teen Mom at this point, and after his “fight” with Cameron on Ex on the Beach, he may be considered a liability.

Nany recently stated on an Instagram Live that she’s open to doing another Challenge, only if Jenna is there. She’s single now, so she might be willing because she doesn’t have a relationship holding her back.

Challenge 33 Format Rumors

No format has been established yet. Fans would love to see New School vs. Old School, but they’ve been asking for that format for over a decade. I would not expect it.

This post will be ongoing and updated when more info becomes available.

Challenge 33 Filming Dates

Rumored to start filming in late October and end in early December.



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