The Challenge

Brad & Brinti Have Broken Up

Final Reckoning has not been kind to Britni. In the most recent episode of the Challenge Mania podcast. Britni reveals she and Brad have broken up.

The former lovebirds met on Vendettas and were very much together during the airing of Vendettas. In a recent article with Us Weekly, the reason for the split has been cited as timing issues. Brad recently bought a house in Chicago while Britni is is Georgia. Both of them have lives in different parts of the country.

Brad does admit that the first few episodes of Final Reckoning made him uneasy. He saw some things between Chuck and Britni that didn’t feel right. but he mostly feels this is a timing issue. He believe he has moved on while Britni has not.

Maybe Paulie’s plan worked, or maybe there’s more to this story than that. Either way, another Challenge relationship is over.

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