Challenge: Final Reckoning

CT & Veronica: What Went Wrong?

Coming into Final Reckoning, there was one veteran team catching the attention of old school fans. They were the only team where both members were champions, but somehow CT & Veronica wound up losing a Purge challenge and heading to Redemption.

Upon losing the Shark Bait challenge, CT was pissed. I can’t say I blame him. After all, Veronica was the reason he lost the challenge. Veronica doesn’t deny this, but there’s clear something was lacking in their team. The two of them didn’t seem to be communicating well and they were shown arguing whether or not they should be working out together.

On Twitter, Veronica later stated she did work out. I believe her, but I also think one of the most important part of performing as a team is working out together. This allows your partner to see your weaknesses and adapt to them prior to the real challenges. I think CT could have been more attentive, but ultimately, I don’t blame him. It was Veronica who fell. CT even tried to tutor her on how to get onto the steak.

As much as I loved this team, they were destined to fail for two primary reasons. Both are past their athletic primes. It’s not necessarily because they’re older competitors, after all I think Mark Long is still in prime Challenge shape. Neither CT nor Veronica are performing the way they performed on The Inferno. CT did just win Champs vs. Star, but that proved to be a physically demanding task. I doubt he would have been able to complete a full Challenge final at the same speed. And speaking of the Inferno, this is a notable season because CT and Veronica earn the accolade of winning the most Life Shields, a testament to their Challenge abilities back in 2003.

The bigger problem with this team is their varying strategies in the game. CT now lays low, hoping his past ferocity will intimidate competitors enough to keep his name out of their mouths. Veronica was never acknowledged as a competitive beast. Even when she was slaying competitions, she was never recognized for her physcial abilities. Rather, she has been a sneaky player, known for taking shady approaches to secure her safety. There is no way her shadiness would mesh with CT’s lowkey game. It was only a matter of time before this team self destructed.

Veronica knows having CT as a partner was a best case scenario. I don’t think she’d ever truly blame CT for this loss. Still, I doubt this team would have earned the gold this season, regardless of format.

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