Challenge: Final Reckoning

Secret Votes: Good or Bad?

This season, the votes are 100% secret. Aside from your partner, no one needs to know who you voted for. While this does eliminate the “mob mentality” attached to voting, there is also a downside to this which was clearly demonstrated on Tuesday’s episode.

Nobody wants the possibility of getting called out in The Armageddon. So, people are burning votes lefts and right. While some teams shouldn’t even have a target on their backs, they’re the subject of a couple of burn votes. Because of this, these floater teams are now in jeopardy.

This might not be a bad thing though. Do we really want weaker teams to coast through the game because they’re not the subject of house drama? Teams like Derrick & Tori or Jozea & Da’Vonne might have been able to escape eliminations if there was a popular vote. Because of the secret vote, they could be sent into elimination even though their social games are OK. Likewise, stronger teams like Shane & Nelson or Joss & Sylvia may think they’re safe because no one would vote for them. Then, with the secret vote, people burn their votes on these teams.

While the secret voting is destroying the feeling of safety for multiple teams, it’s not having the effect I anticipated. Burning votes has resulted in complete randoms being subjected the elimination. Drama remains in the house, but mediocrity gets voted out. Not a bad thing, but it also isn’t super fun to watch. Perhaps later in the game it will generate more riffs. With the slow pace of the game, the voting system isn’t generating the excitement I wanted to see.

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