Challenge: Final Reckoning

Zach & Amanda: How They Should Have Saved Themselves

This week, we finally saw alliances go head-to-head. The Lavender Ladies set their targets on Bananas & Tony while  Bananas, Tony, Cara Maria, Marie, Jozea, and Da’Vonne targeting Ashley & Hunter. At the Armageddon, Zach & Amanda had to split the tie between Bananas & Tony and Ashley & Hunter. Unable to reach an agreement, they volunteered themselves.

Before I give my opinion, I’m going to lay out the facts. Amanda is not going to let Zach walk all over her. Unlike his prior partners, Amanda comes into this game ready to fight. If you’re playing a logical game, this isn’t a bad thing for Zach. It places him in a strong 4 team alliances. At this point in the game, they’re the majority. If he wasn’t playing personally, it’s a smart move to work with Amanda.

However, Zach really isn’t asking for a lot. Amanda wants to protect three other teams. Zach just wants one protected. I understand that Tony & Bananas are the Lavender Ladies’ prime target, but there are other logical moves that could have been made and appeased Zach. Namely, Amanda and the Lavender Ladies should have targeted Cara Maria & Marie. This would have kept Tony safe, but stripped the Lavender Ladies of an opponent. I understand they like Marie, but she’s not going to vote with team LL. She’s voting with Cara Maria, and Cara Maria is voting with Bananas. Then, the Lavender Ladies have a bigger majority next week and could have voted Bananas into the Armageddon.

I know it’s not that simple. There are variables, and a potential of Bananas & Tony winning the next challenge. Still, this move isn’t as sloppy as the current situation.

But hindsight is 20/20, and we found ourselves at Armageddon with a tie.

I applaud Amanda for standing up for herself. A lot of players would have let Zach talk over them and vote in the team of his choice. But she should have sent in Ashley & Hunter.Why? Because Bananas & Tony would have had three options if they were sent into Armageddon: Ashley & Hunter, Joss & Sylvia, Shane & Nelson. In other words, voting in Bananas & Tony guarantees a Lavender Lady goes into elimination. If Ashley & Hunter were sent into elimination they could have competed against Jozea & Da’Vonne and kept every alliance in tact if they won. They also could have competed against Bananas & Tony if they really wanted.

Of course, the decision wasn’t that simple.

Apparently everyone knew Mercenaries were coming, but assumed they’d only be competing against the team voted into Armageddon. I think Zach & Amanda’s demeanor once volunteering reflects this. For the first time, the formatting of the secret vote and Armageddon produced a good amount of suspense and drama. Then an extra twist comes and ruins it. Any logic that would have broke the tie between Ashley & Hunter and Bananas & Tony became void.

Then the Mercenaries came, sent two teams to redemption, and one stubborn medallion wouldn’t fall. But that’s a post for later.

Who do you think should have been voted into Armageddon?

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