The Challenge

Every Time Former Cast Mates Battled in Elimination

This week, we saw Bananas compete against his new enemy Joss. While this was the main event, Tony and Sylvia also competed against each other. Both of these Real World Skeleton roommates had bad blood after Invasion, but it seems like there wasn’t a lot of anger when Sylvia eliminated Tony this season. This also isn’t the first time former roommates had to face each other in elimination. Here are some of the greatest battles within seasons.

Landon vs. Karamo (The Inferno 2): The Inferno 2 was the first season when roommates could face each other, and Landon competed against Karamo in a no-so-epic battle. In all actuality, Karamo wanted to leave, so it was an easy win for Landon.

Kina vs. Jillian (The Gauntlet 2): The Road Rules Xtreme cast mates weren’t exactly civil on The Gauntlet 2. Jillian spread a rumor to divide alliances and ended up feuding with Kina. Of course, the two didn’t have much of a connection to begin with. Kina was off the RV prior to Jillian’s arrival as a Road Rules replacement.

 Wes vs. Danny/ Melinda/ Johanna (Fresh Meat): 

The veterans wanted the Austin alliance gone, and Wes had to do all the dirty work. He eliminated his cast mates one-by-one. Of course, they couldn’t be too mad at him. Wes wanted to keep his former roommates safe, but the veterans kept using them as scape goats. If Wes had his way, Tonya would have been eliminated first.

Johnny vs. Tyler (The Duel): The Duel was not a great showing for Bananas, but it did start an epic rivalry when Tyler chose to compete against his roommate. Tyler sent Johnny packing before he could lift a finger. This puzzled everyone else on the cast. The Key West kids has a lot of numbers, but Tyler guaranteed they’d be reduced.

Jenn vs. Colie (The Inferno 3): Midway through The Inferno 3, Jenn and Colie faced each other in an Inferno. There was no anger toward Jenn because Susie replaced herself with Colie as a nominee, but it was clear that one girl was better suited for the game. Jenn did well in The Inferno while Colie quickly fumbled and lost her first Inferno.

Cara Maria vs. Mandi (Cutthroat): 

These two spent very little time together in Canada during Fresh Meat 2, so neither was sad about facing the other. When Cara Maria won she proved she was stronger than her last-place finish on Fresh Meat 2. Also, she wasn’t going to lose to a “Barbie blonde.”

Johnny vs. Tyler (Cutthroat): Once again they Key West roommates were in the same elimination. However, CT came in as a “heavy hitter.” This allowed Tyler to win again, even though he never really faced Johnny.

Theresa vs. Cara Maria & Laurel (Rivals): Theresa has always been a fairly savage player, so she had no hard feeling going against her Fresh Meat 2 cast mates Cara Maria and Laurel. In fact, she schemed and tried to find a way to convince them she was quitting the game so they’d go easy on her in The Jungle. She didn’t quit, but Cara Maria and Laurel gave it their all in The Jungle, sending Theresa home with Camila.

Cooke vs. Nany (Rivals 2): Coming in as a replacement on Real World: Las Vegas, Cooke didn’t make a lot of friends on The Real World. While Nany probably had the least beef with her, she also sided with the OG roommates and was anti-Cooke. It seemed like their drama was buried on Rivals 2, but Cooke had no issue sending Nany home.

Jonna vs. Emilee (Free Agents)Emilee finally got a second shot at The Challenge, but she lost in the second elimination of the season. At least there was no bad blood. These two remained friends after the season ended.

Laurel vs. Cara Maria & Theresa (Free Agents):

 Fresh Meat 2 has produced a lot of tough female competitors, and they seem to go through cycles of liking each other. Laurel proved she was the toughest on Free Agents, eliminating her then-friend Cara Maria then Theresa.

Adam & Brittany vs. John & Simone (Battle of the Exes 2): Are You the One doesn’t exactly produce the best of friends. Still, Adam & Britney were friendly enough with John & Simone. Adam & Britney won, but the elimination was one of the worst ever.

Johnny & Averey vs. Nia (Battle of the Exes 2): No one expected Averey to befriend Nia after their feud on The Real World, but they were cool with each other on Battle of the Exes 2. It was Johnny who was the real enemy in this group, but Nia & Leroy sent him packing with his ex Averey.

Tony vs. Bruno (Invasion): 

Bruno’s debut on The Challenge wasn’t the best, especially when his Real World roommate Sylvia pitted him against his good friend Tony. This resulted in Bruno going home first after he came into the Challenge with a bang.

Laurel vs. Cara Maria (Invasion): Once again, we see Laurel take the victory against her then-friend Cara Maria. While Invasion was the season that drove a wedge between these two, it wasn’t until after the season ended that Laurel wanted to cut ties with Cara Maria.

Nelson vs. Hunter (Dirty Thirty): Somehow, AYTO3 is the chosen AYTO season with a big presence on each Challenge season. It was only a matter of time before two AYTO3 alumni faced each other, and Nelson and Hunter dueled in a physical elimination. It was a close fight between the two Young Bucks, but Nelson came out on top.

Jozea & Da’Vonne vs. Paulie & Natalie (Final Reckoning): Technically a Redemption challenge, but this strategic move as resulted in both teams staying in the game and returning to the main house multiple times. Sometimes it can be smart to face your cast mates in elimination… or maybe some season just have too many twists.

Tony vs. Sylvia (Final Reckoning): Back to last week’s episode, were Sylvia not only eliminated Tony, but also eliminated sent Bananas packing. She is now a member of the exclusive club of people who have sent Bananas home.

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