Challenge: Final Reckoning

Who Would Have Taken the Money: Every Final Reckoning Competitor

$500,000 is a lot of money to turn down, but many competitors claim they would split the money with their partner if given the choice. We all know Ashley wouldn’t share, but I truly believe many competitors would.

If given the option to split or steal, here’s what I think each competitor would do. I’d like to emphasize: these are my thoughts. Feel free to disagree, but we have no way of knowing for sure. Some people will claim they’d split the money on social media, but it’s easy to say this when no real money is at stake.

Chuck & Britni

  • Chuck: Steal. I think he’s over Britni and would rather keep the money to prove he has not investment in a relationship with Britni. In all fairness, I have the least familiarity with Chuck so I could be wrong.
  • Britni: Steal. She’s still upset with Chuck. She’d take the money.

Jemmye & Jenna

  • Jemmye: Split. I don’t think she’d take the money from Jenna. Other competitors, yes, but I don’t think she could do it to Jenna.
  • Jenna: Split. Similar to Jemmye, I don’t think she’d want to steal from her partner. Jenna seems like the type who’d feel bad about taking the money.

Derrick & Tori

  • Derrick: Split. I know he has a lot of bad blood with Tori, but I think he’d feel bad about taking her share of the money. Even after she blamed him for every trouble.
  • Tori: Steal. She’d take Derrick’s money and still get a good edit.

CT & Veronica

  • CT: Split. He has a family, but he’s getting a good edit recently. Veronica is someone he’s known for years and I think he has more respect for her than most people on the cast.
  • Veronica: Split. Like she said, she knows she “hit the jackpot” with CT. And similar to what I’ve said about CT, they’ve known each other for years. I can’t see her taking his money.

Faith & Angela 

  • Faith: Steal. I think she likes Angela enough, but she seems like someone who’s all about empowering herself. I think she’d take Angela’s cut of the money, say she earned it, and people would respect it.
  • Angela: Steal. She doesn’t live a cheap lifestyle, and she’s chasing every opportunity MTV is throwing her way.

Jozea & Da’Vonne

  • Jozea: Split. He has grown close to Da’Vonne and I think there’s a level of respect toward her now. I don’t think he could do it.
  • Da’Vonne: Steal. Production likes when people steal, so she’d do it. Then she’d justify it because she has a kid.

Zach & Amanda

  • Zach: Steal. He hates Amanda. It’s that simple.
  • Amanda: Steal. She hates Zach. It’s that simple.

Devin & Cory

  • Devin: Split. He split on Rivals 3, and he knows Cory has a family now. I don’t think he hates Cory enough to take the money.
  • Cory: Steal. He’s going to give production the ending they want. Then he’d talk about how he’s a father now.

Shane & Nelson

  • Shane: Split. He loves Nelson. I think he’d split the money and try to propose to Nelson. Nelson would only accept the money.
  • Nelson: Steal. It would break Shane’s heart, but Nelson’s main alliance it toward TYB, not the Lavender Ladies.

Kyle & Brad

  • Kyle: Split. He knows Brad has a family and he’s already left his mark on the show by sleeping with every girl in the house.
  • Brad: Steal. Like the other parents, he’d justify it because he has kids. Kyle would then accept this excuse.

Kam & Kayleigh 

  • Kam: Split. I think she’d consider taking the money but she knows she has to have a partner to get to the end. Even though her family could use the money, I think she’d want to demonstrate the unity of a girl/girl team.
  • Kayleigh: Split. She’d be thankful for Kam and know she wouldn’t have won without her.

Tony & Bananas

  • Tony: Steal. Like the other parents he has kids. Despite the relationship he rebuilt with Bananas this season, we know he will put his own game first.
  • Bananas: Split. Despite stealing from Sarah on Rivals 3, Bananas has a lot of respect for Tony. So much that he would split the money with the guy. It would be a surprise, but I do feel like any conscious Bananas has would prevent him from stealing from Tony and his family.

Cara Maria & Marie

  • Cara Maria: Steal. I know the episode ended with Cara Maria stating she hates Marie, but if Cara Maria has the option to steal she would have won the final and wouldn’t be so angry with her. She’d still be friends with Marie like earlier in the season. However, Cara Maria knows that stealing the money is a power move that would solidify her spot on the next ten Challenge seasons. She’d only steal because production wanted that ending and because people are going to hate her anyway.
  • Marie: Split. Everyone, including Marie, knows Cara Maria is built for the show and played a huge role in her success. Marie would split to pay respect to her partner’s abilities.

Paulie & Natalie

  • Paulie: Steal. Despite having a good relationship with Natalie, and being nice partner to her, I think he’d see the money and throw it all away. This power move would give him the money, attention, and power he desperately craves.
  • Natalie: Steal. Despite what she says, I think this opportunity would be too big for her to pass up. She’d love the money and the infamy for taking the money.

Joss & Sylvia

  • Joss: Split. Even though he’s the muscle on the team, he respects his partner. He has publicly said he’d split and told production beforehand that he’d split. I think he’s telling the truth.
  • Sylvia: Split. Pretty much the same as Joss. Likes her partner and respects his contribution to her success.

Ashley & Hunter

  • Ashley: Steal. We saw it happen.
  • Hunter: Split. Even though he trashed Ashley a bit this season, I earnestly think he was being honest when he claimed he’d never take Ashley’s money. I think Hunter has certain values instilled in him, and this would prevent him from taking Ashley’s money.

Ultimately, we’ll never know what would happen in 35 of these cases. I’d love to know where other people agree or think I’m dead wrong.


  1. I think you are way off! First off, Cara Maria 100% would split. When it comes down to it, she’s all bark & no bite. She would care more about the edit & not the money. She would never want to be the biatch that stole the money. The only person she would steal from is Jordan and that’s still only a maybe. I haven’t been her biggest supporter as of late, but on this you can bank, she would do the right thing.
    In fact, I think most people on this list would split.
    The ONLY people who would be cutthroat enough to steal are: Zach, Amanda, Tony, Natalie (surprisingly), Ashley and possibly Britni. Everyone else would split.
    Bottom line: If slimey Cousin Vinny didn’t steal from Jenna on Rivals 3, none of these people are either.

  2. I absolutely LOVED when Ashley took the cash without batting an eye. I cant wait to see the reunion. Hunter’s a dick and he should’ve realized that actions lead to consequences. Also I can’t stand his hair and I think he’s trying desperately to cover up a bald spot right down the middle of his head.

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