Challenge: War of the Worlds

The Challenge War of the Worlds Trailer Breakdown Part 1

With February 6th approaching quickly, MTV has been throwing some promotional materials our way! Here is a breakdown of the most recent trailer MTV released for War of the Worlds.

We’ve received 2 teasers and this 30 second clip for the show thus far. The first teaser included the vine swinging challenge clip. The second teaser was the Killing Zone introduction. Both clips featured in teasers are cut into the 30 second trailer. I’m not doing a separate post of those teasers because they contain nothing unique.

Be warned, this post does not directly reveal spoilers. However, a keen eye will take note of some trends and be able to pick up on some spoilers. You’ve been warned.

To start there is the clip of the vine swinging challenge, also present in the first teaser. I believe this is Nany and Turbo swinging.

Logo (which is LOVE)

Then, we see this vehicle cruising through the Namibian desert:

America’s best. You know, like Paulie, Josh, and the Nolan twins…

…or CT

… or Cara Maria

… or Bananas who is walking through smoke.

Are taking on:

Challengers running up a sand dune. This reminds me of the Battle of the Seasons final, but I’m pretty sure this is not the final.

Kyle jumping from a beam.

Brazil (Joao Paulo is from Brazil)

Turkey (Turbo is from Turkey)The United Kingdom (many people are from the UK. Kyle, Ashley Cain, Theo, Zahida, Stephen, and Georgia)

Canada (Shaleen is from Canada)Australia(though her shows air in the UK, Dee is from Australia originally)Mexico (Alan is from Mexico)The World (Bananas travels the world as host of NBC’s First Look. Saturday nights after SNL)

A male competitor jumping off a platform into the water:

A male competitor does a somersault in the air while attached to a rope:

Three females battle in the mud. I believe one is Shaleen:

Ashley Cain screaming:



A monster truck driving over smaller trucks. This is basically Wes’s ego in visual form.

A competitor runs through a wind tunnel:

A male competitor is pulled through the sand by a rope and tires:


A sunken ship, likely a prop for a challenge:

A male competitor is being given oxygen, clinging onto life, and cared for by Cara Maria. Who could it be?WHO WILL SURVIVE

TJ leads a bunch of Challengers through the desert on ATVs.

The Killing Floor. This is the elimination arena, featured in the second teaser.

Cara Maria’s mind gets blown. Sitting next to Paulie.

Challenge Airways

Challengers trapped inside the airplane as debris flies. I believe that is Natalie “Ninja” up front.

Coming Feb. 6th (Training Day special Jan 30!)

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