Challenge: War of the Worlds

Shaleen’s Epic Rivalry With Dee

People seem to forget that Shaleen is on this season, but there’s lurking feud between her and Dee that didn’t make it to air. Luckily, some dedicated Shaleen fans the the power of the Internet have brought this drama to the surface.

It all started with this picture from a preview. Clearly the drama was going is not going to air because Julia was included in the shot. So, a hardcore Shaleen fan asked Dee what was going on in this picture:

Dee responded to the fan stating Shaleen was a messy roommate. When she was asked to clean up because there was flies in the room, Shaleen “popped off.” Dee also stated this was forced drama and Shaleen only did it because she thought it would make good TV.But that’s just Dee’s side of the story! Shaleen clapped back at Dee and unleashed a series of attacks (thank you Reddit for consolidating these tweets!). Shaleen stated that this happened on the first night in the house and flies were already there. She also took some personal jabs at Dee stating she was bullied as a kid due to her real name, her cheek fillers, and she alleged Dee’s boyfriend is on Grinder.

Clearly, you don’t want to mess with Shaleen!! Ninja and Wes have implied Shaleen was wall paper, but she sure does have some Twitter fingers on her!!



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