Challenge: War of the Worlds

Is Amanda Finally Becoming Likable?

Despite leaving War of the Worlds this week, Amanda has shown some progress among Challenge fans. Leaving Final Reckoning, she was getting a lot of hate. This season, she played most of the game without her Lavender Ladies and relying on new relationships to progress. She maintained old enemies, but some of them some redeeming qualities in Amanda. Maybe, just maybe, Amanda is becoming someone the fans can appreciate?

I’d also like to start with a disclaimer: this post is based on the public’s perceptions. I’m aware that I’m in the minority when I say this, but I’ve always liked Amanda. She’s strong-minded, actually confronts her enemies, and the Lavender Ladies have challenged the veterans in the game. Say what you will about her (and the Lavender Ladies), but she only gets this much hate and attention because she does pose a threat on some level.

I noticed the tides beginning to turn on episode 1 during the Impending Dune challenge. As Amanda is competing, Bananas is making jokes with her and goofing around. Bananas isn’t dumb, and this probably isn’t out of a genuine love for Amanda. He notices that she was placed on this small cast for a reason. Production sees her value in this franchise, and she’s going to be a presence in the game. He can’t just ignore he, so he might as well try to be cordial. Yes, Bananas may have been involved in the alleged wrapping incident, but by all accounts this started as a joke.

Perhaps the fun and games subsided for a moment during episode 2 when Amanda gets into a fight with most of the house. As a result she exposes Zach’s Bumble secret. People are quick to call Amanda a liar, where there’s smoke there’s fire. Amanda claims this wasn’t the “bomb” she was going to drop during the Final Reckoning reunion, but either way, she revealed some surprising information about Zach that shook his relationship with Jenna. Episode 2 should have ended her game, but it may have been the moment when she begins to gain favor in the public’s eye. Hunter gets sent into the Killing Floor, severing ties with the Young Bucks and her old AYTO3 buddy. Ashley gets sent home, ending the Lavender Lady reign on War of the Worlds. Amanda is forced to find new allies.

The next couple of weeks she falls further out of cahoots with Hunter. As a result, she is seen as less of a threat. She becomes closer with Da’Vonne due to her connection with Josh (and the two also just seem to get along). Then, the veterans start taking shots at each other. As Cara Maria and Zach have a falling out, Zach realizes Amanda is not a bad judge of character, at least when it comes to Cara Maria. Zach loses a friendship with Cara Maria, but choses to preserve Amanda’s stop in the game. When Zach was in elimination, calling out Amanda should have been the obvious choice but he let he stay.

This week we almost see Amanda and Jenna work together. As the U.K. alliance grows in power, Nany realizes Jenna and Amanda would be valuable numbers for the U.S. side. Ultimately, Jenna does send Amanda into the Killing Floor. I would have liked to see Amanda say, but I can’t fault Jenna. Amanda is her obvious nemesis and an obvious target. Despite this, their conversation showed some potential. When it’s a logical game choice, both Jenna and Amanda may be willing to put drama to the side.

Amanda & Josh lose their elimination. They show potential and move faster than Kam & Ashley, but ultimately lose. However, I think Amanda earned some favor with Challenge fans and some people in the cast. Of course, Cara Maria claims you’d have to be stupid to ever believe Amanda. I disagree, she seems to recognize problematic people two seasons before the rest of the cast. Just because Cara Maria doesn’t want her secrets exposed, doesn’t make Amanda a liar.

Has your perception of Amanda changes?


  1. If y’all ever wonder why I don’t like Amanda – She reminds me of people in high school – the popular, vicious, mean girls and it brings up bad memories so I am just stuck on disliking her partially for that reason. She is a bully. She is teaching young watchers of the show that it’s ok to harass people, to talk about people poorly and deny it, to tell people they are losers and no one likes you. The girl should frankly lose her job, I would never want to be treated by a nurse like her. She’s an evil human being. in rivals 3 he rookie season she and Nelson arrived as a replacements and everyone was nice and kind to them but Amanda is not the kind of person that is here to make friends she immediately start insulting everyone in the house with no remorse even going as far to point finger at each single individual but the one she really get under his skin was Camila I mean i don’t blame Camila for losing her cool do you remember when she starts pushing her breaking point until she broke down, and in invasion she was so jealous of Jenna that as soon zack arrived she told everybody that she and Bruno hooked up to sabotage their relationship, and what she said to Cara is downright brutal to wish for her horse to die is kind of disgusting and cruel she know that Cara’s horse meant something to her so for her to bully and attack her for no reason is downright cruel.

    no wonder why her mother abandoned her with her disable jobless dad I am sure she was the reason why they broke up if my daughter or anyone behaved like Amanda just throw her to a mental hospital, orphanage or more likely street her real place.

    hopefully one day her challenge ending career will end the same as tonya and that to be rapped and attacked sexually and physically.

    1. Jesus. If you don’t like Amanda because she’s a bully and reminds you of your high school bullies, that’s fair enough. She has said mean things, but this is also an edited show. There’s no need to attack her family and wish harm upon her. You proved your point in the first paragraph, but in the second two you became the bully you claim Amanda to be.

    2. That is one pathetic reason not to mention you’re waaay worser then Amanda and Cara. I hope you get the help you so clearly need someday

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