The Challenge

Bananas Exposes Rivalry With Wes on Maury

As part of his duties as host on First Look, Johnny Bananas summoned his rival Wes to take a lie detector test.

So what’s the verdict? Well, it’s all fake. The rivalry is fake.

Maury asked the boys the same four questions. Here is the video and the questions and answers below that. Spoilers below the video.

So here are the questions:

Do you bring up (Johnny/Wes) in your personal life because you’re secretly obsessed with him? Both said no, both times the lie detector determined it was the truth.

Do you pick fights with (Johnny/Wes) to further your own career? Both said no, both were lying.

Did you manufacture this rivalry with (Johnny/Wes) for 15 years to get more publicity? Both said no, both were lying.

Do you actually want to be friends with (Johnny/Wes)? Both said no. The test determined Wes was lying while Bananas was telling the truth.

Overall, this is a win for Bananas, as he appears to have some genuine dislike for Wes. However, both of their reputations could be damaged as both are lying. But in the end, is anyone surprised?


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