Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

Stephen Bear & Georgia Harrison Have Public Split After Cheating

WARNING: This post doesn’t have outright elimination spoilers, and please note that filming for Challenge 34 is over. However, you can probably make some assumptions based on this information.

Pictures and videos have emerged of Georgia losing her cool and throwing a book at Stephen Bear while the two were on “vacation” in Thailand. It appears the two had been spending time together with some other “friends” in the country. During this time they had gotten quite close, just like they were during War of the Worlds. Apparently, Bear was really into Georgia during their vacation and said he wanted to marry her and have her babies.

But, Bear allegedly hooked up with a stranger in the Thai hotel. During his argument with Georgia he claimed that he blacked out and it didn’t mean anything. Georgia wasn’t having it. So, she yelled back and threw a book at Bear.

The feud went public, and the two took jabs at each other on social media. Bear claimed the Georgia was never his girlfriend, so she can’t be his ex. Georgia went on a tirade insulting Bear and referencing the fact that he allegedly had relations with a 15-year-old-girl (age of consent in the UK is 16). This rumor comes from a video that Bear posted in his bedroom with the underaged girl wearing a thong.

This looks to be an ugly fight, and I think we’ll get more insight into their relationship while Season 34 airs.


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