Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

Paulie and Cara Maria’s Break Up a “Social Experiment”

Last week, Paulie posted on Social Media the had and Cara Maria had broken up. Truth is, Cara Maria was sitting in front of Paulie as he posted that Instagram Live. It was all a social experiment.

That is right, the two got in a room together and decided to stage a break up. Why? They have their reasons. Mostly because “trolls” want them to break up by over analyzing every little thing on social media. Paulie wanted to make the point that people don’t need to inset their opinion in to every little thing, he stated in his interview with a gossip magazine.

To prove they’re done with “toxic cancel culture” they caused waves to attract attention from Challenge viewers. They also played with the emotions of their actual fans. The people who wanted to see them thrive were led to believe they’d actually broken up.

If you look online, there are texts and conversations that were posted regarding this break up. These private conversations were “leaked” by fans, but the truth is, this was all manipulation. Perhaps we’ve found the source of these leaks. It’s no surprise that Paulie/ Cara Maria would leak these conversations. They talk to fans. They reveal information about The Challenge, and now, they’re manipulating their own narratives.

I think Paulie needs to stay away from The Joker. I’m not sure why he thinks the world needs more social experimentation, but this was utterly unnecessary. Though if they do break up, I still wish both of them well in life. I just think they’re better than these shenanigans.

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