Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

Jordan vs. Turbo: Why Was it Such a Big Deal?

This week we saw a lot of beef between Turbo and Jordan. The two went back and forth, and Turbo was on the verge of sending Turbo into The Proving Ground. Jordan apologized, and Turbo agreed to vote with Zach and Tori, but it seems like there was a lot of drama over kicking a relic off the podium.

Firstly, I’m just going to say this. I agree (to some degree) with Jordan’s annoyance. It is really irritating when someone is just knocking down items for fun. Jordan placed the relic on the podium after Turbo kicked it off once. Then, Turbo kicked it again, so Jordan yelled at Turbo to stop.

I do feel Jordan was more aggressive than the situation needed, at least at face value. However, there was more going on that didn’t get shown. Apparently people were trying to strong-arm their way into the “speaker” position for the Tribunal. This is why you see Team UK watching Turbo, because they really didn’t have anything to talk about but Team USA spent a while arguing. Team USA are in the middle of a discussion and Turbo’s creating his own spectacle.

So Jordan confronts Turbo, and Turbo pushes Jordan away. Yes, Jordan did “get in Turbo’s face.” No, Jordan did not touch Turbo. In fact, Jordan is pointing at the relic when Turbo pushes him. At this point the situation has escalated way beyond the necessary level of confrontation.

Do I think Turbo should have gotten kicked off for touching Jordan? No, but this is the type of behavior that warrants a warning. It’s the type of thing Nelson got in trouble for on Dirty Thirty. Second offense sent him packing. If they’re evaluating consistency between shoving matches, this is the most related parallel.

Then we see Turbo being stubborn, which is honestly fine. Turbo can vote for whomever he wants. In fact, we know Tori and Zach will be the majority regardless. Turbo is probably doing more harm to his position on the team by disagreeing with them. Either way, he’s entitled to vote however he wants. In the end, Jordan give a fake apology. Turbo kind of accepts, though he makes it clear that he still wants Jordan in The Proving Ground.

What I can say is that this is far from over. The two have beef on social media.

I also know a lot of people love Turbo, and I do like him. CT’s comparison on the show is very true. Ninja climbs everything while Turbo kicks everything. If Ninja was causing a spectacle and not Turbo, I think a lot more people would agree with Jordan’s frustration.

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