Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

Jordan, Tori, and Cara Maria’s Bitterness

Congratulations to Jordan & Tori! For the first time ever, a couple got engaged on The Challenge. Pretty much the whole house shared in the excitement and celebrated the moment. That is, everyone except Cara Maria.

Cara Maria and Jordan have an odd history together. It started with some similarities, but later on the two would diverge into different paths on The Challenge. Look at Rivals 2, where Jordan was a rookie and Cara Maria related to his journey as a fighter. On Free Agents Cara and Jordan would align as two people trying to get Bananas out of the game. Then, the two would reunite on Champs vs. Pros and Dirty Thirty. During this time, both of them would disregard their hatred for Bananas and join his team. Remember when Wes insisted Bananas face him in elimination on Champs vs. Pros? Cara Maria and Jordan didn’t honor Wes’s wish and they didn’t vote in Bananas.

Later on Dirty Thirty we would see the two expose their true emotions. Jordan contributed to Cara getting set to Redemption and the two would argue when Jordan joined her in Redemption. This is where Jordan stated he wouldn’t want to run a final with Cara and would prefer Tori who was a newbie at the time. Cara took offense and threw Jordan’s luggage in the pool, but in hindsight we realize Jordan might have liked Tori for more than just her athletic prowess.

On Vendettas, Jordan would show up as a Mercenary. This earned him an invitation to the reunion where he’d criticize Cara Maria’s attitude after her victory. At this point in time, it seemed that putting Cara Maria and Jordan in a room together ensured an argument. We see this trend continue on War of the Worlds 2 when Jordan criticized Cara’s performance in the game and Cara mocked Jordan, stating her goal in life was to gain his approval. We also see the two in opposite alliances within Team US.

The point being, Cara has a few reasons not to like Jordan. On a game level, he was disrespected her abilities and used Tori a an example of a competitor who is more worthy than Cara. Of course Cara would harbor some resentment toward the two. She’s invested a decade of her life into The Challenge and Jordan is a competitor who disrespects her more than almost anyone else.

So, it’s not surprising that she isn’t thrilled to see the two get engaged. Her snarky comments about Tori having to pay for the ring when Jordan loses this game surprised even Paulie, but Cara didn’t see to care. She’s not invested in Jordan’s personal success, and she’s not going to hide it.

To be fair, this is a reality show. Production will edit the show to demonstrate two sides of a story and they will take a beautiful moment and make a mockery of it. That’s reality TV, and it’s not surprised this event was marked with some bitterness.

I can understand why Cara isn’t excited for Jordan and Tori, but they won’t care. Jordan truly does not need Cara’s approval, and we will see that he doesn’t care about her opinion. Cara does come across as bitter, but she will continue to look bitter when Jordan continues to not care about her opinion. The rest of the house will celebrate the engagement and Cara is the odd man out. This time, she has no one to blame but herself.


  1. Why in the world would she care? Funny how everyone calls her fake, yet fake would be her pretending to be happy for them which clearly she isnt. I applaud her for being real.

  2. I think she is mad because it wasn’t her that’s getting proposed too. She wouldn’t of hated it if paulie proposed to her and I don’t think Jordan and Tori wouldn’t of acted the same way as her if it was reversed.

    1. I agree. She didn’t need to be “happy” for them but she also did not need to be rude. Just don’t say anything. It did make her look bitter and jealous.

  3. Why be happy for someone you don’t like. And anyways jordans a asshole and it’s funny you named the article cara being bitter.. I see no biases in that statement 🙄..

  4. And to be completely honest not every one loves Jordan and Tori. Some people just like Tori but Jordan is to much

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