Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

Was Team UK Wrong to Target Dee?

Last week we saw the UK men rally together and put a target on Dee’s back. They even threw a mission to ensure they’d have the power to send her into elimination. Everything was going according to plan until the men told Dee they’d be sending her into the Proving Ground. The plan was discussed, Leroy seemed to be on board, but Dee freaked out. Rogan tried to tell her that she wasn’t ready to run a final but she insisted she was.

In the end, tears were shed and trust was broken. Despite this, Dee did not go into the Proving Ground. Rogan felt bad and Jenny ended up in the Proving Ground, ultimately getting sent home.

I will say this up front, losing Jenny is a bigger loss than losing Dee. Jenny can swim well, her endurance seems great, and she’s constantly working out. Hall Brawl did show she wasn’t as flawless as she may be perceived to be, but I still think Jenny would excel in a final. On the other hand, Dee is a work in progress. She passed out during a work out around the pool, she’s terrified of heights, and she’s just learning how to swim. While her bad features may be highlighted, he is also making conscious efforts to improve. She only passed out because she was training and she has made an effort to learn to swim.

Still, I think Team UK would benefit from sending her into elimination. She is one of the weakest links on the team, but there is another weak link: Kayleigh. Both Dee and Kayleigh have shown fear during heights-based challenges and they are clearly the weaker girls left on the team. Of course, Kam would not vote in Kayleigh, but if Team UK wants to “trim the fat” their targets should have been on Dee or Kayleigh.

I think Team UK is getting to the point where they’re realizing that they need to get rid of their weaker players if they want any hope of winning the final. With this in mind, it wouldn’t have been an awful idea to get rid of Dee, but emotions got in the way. This could be Team UK’s downfall. Playing an emotional game rarely helps in the final.

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