Challenge: Total Madness

Kailah Casillas Dating Stephen Bear?

It appears we have a new couple in the Challenge world!

WARNING!! I am not huge on posting spoilers for The Challenge beyond the cast and format. This post will contain some hints and spoilers, so proceed with caution if you like to avoid these things.

If you’ve followed The Challenge for the past few years, the name “Mikey P” might mean something to you. For about three years Kailah Casillas has been dating Michael Pericoloso (AKA Mikey P) and he has been referenced in a few areas. On the Vendettas reunion Melissa started a rumor that Tony and Kailah hooked up, and Kailah wanted to address the rumor during the reunion because she never cheated on her then-boyfriend: Mikey P. The couple also appeared on How Far is Tattoo Far together as both of them have quite the collection of tattoos.

If you have a keen eye for reality wannabes, you might notice Mikey P from other shows such as From Gs to Gents in 2008 or VH1’s Dating Naked. Both Mikey and Kailah reside in Las Vegas. This is where Kailah filmed her Real World season (and Mikey P had a quick cameo in the background!), but it’s unlikely they’ll be living together in Las Vegas moving forward.

Allegedly, Kailah has ended her relationship with Mikey P by hooking up with Bear on The Challenge 35.

The rumor began to circulate while the show was filming. After returning home, Bear and Kailah were seen together. In some of Bear’s Instagram stories Kailah can be seen in the background, proving she was with him in London.

As this rumor emerged, it was alleged this was all a set up. Some people believed Mikey wanted Kailah to “cheat” so they could earn spots on a reality show like Ex on the Beach. However, Kailah has denied this, stating she doesn’t need to stage an affair to get on a show she was invited to appear on in the past. Remember, Cory was on the show Season 1 and Cory and Kailah hooked up during Invasion.

Based on Tweets, Mikey claims he knew nothing of the alleged affair until the public knew via spoilers:

Meanwhile, Kailah is trying to keep as much information private as she can. She has stated she is contractually obligated to not speak on the issue. Despite her one-off comments, she hasn’t given any confirmation or details.

Other cast members have given some commentary. Jemmye, Kailah’s good friend, hasn’t commented much but she did say that Kailah is not using this as a PR stunt.

Theo King-Bradey from The Challenge: Invasion and Real World: Bad Blood has spoken about his experience with Kailah. He stated she was sending him nudes prior to Invasion, likely to get on his good side for the show.

Who knows what really happened? We will find out in due time, but it’s fairly certain something did happen and Mikey is out of the loop.


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