Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

Jordan and Tori’s Wedding May Be Televised

After a big win on War of the Worlds 2, Jordan spoke out about the victory and his potential wedding plans with Tori.

In a recent interview, Jordan revealed the UK team outperformed the US team in the first leg of the final by about an hour. That’s why the penalties Team US acquired were barely televised. Team UK would only get a five minute head start on day 2, regardless of how badly they defeated Team US.

While Tori didn’t win War of the Worlds 2 due to the purge, she did leave with a ring.

In the interview, Jordan reveals that having a televised wedding is a possibility. He’s committed to giving Tori the wedding she wants. So, if she wants the wedding televised then he’d agree to it. The possibility has been discussed, and it’s not out of the question. Their relationship has evolved on TV, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to reach the next stage of their relationship with MTV as a part of the celebration.

Right now, the wedding plans aren’t set. They’re not rushing into thing, and we will be able to see the next steps of the relationship unfold next season.


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