Jenna Reveals She Was Contacted for Wedding Special With MTV

Zach & Jenna reveal they considered having a wedding special with MTV.

Recently, Jenna Compono recently appeared on episode 279 of the Challenge Mania podcast to catch up with Derrick and Scott and talk about The Challenge and her life outside of the show. Eventually, they referenced the CT’s Getting Married special that aired in 2018, and wondered if Zach and Jenna were ever contacted for a similar show.

Turns out, the answer is yes.

Prior to the pandemic, Jenna revealed that production wanted to include them in a 10-episode series following couples getting married. So, it wouldn’t have just been her and Zach; it would have included multiple couples.

Jenna listed some examples, like Leroy & Kam and Derrick & his fiancĂ© Nicole, but these seemed like speculation. There were two other examples that she seemed more certain about: Tony & Alyssa and Tori & Jordan (who may have dropped hints). Jenna admits that she doesn’t know Tony & Alyssa’s timeline regarding their wedding, but we all know Tori & Jordan separated after Tori filmed Double Agents.

But, COVID happened and complicated everything. Eventually, she started hearing less about the special, especially once Tori and Jordan split. As we know, Jenna got pregnant and married Zach in a small ceremony due to the pandemic. She couldn’t put her whole life on hold for a potential special (which, still hasn’t happened yet). Jenna also stated production would claim filming will happen, but it became a logistical mess with regulations and the fact that some people don’t want to get vaccinated.

I doubt this show will ever happen at this point, but it’s fun to think about what could have been. If this was successful, it could have evolved into a Teen Mom-like show. Instead we’re left with more blocks of Teen Mom. Ridiculousness.


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