Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

What We Learned from the War of the Worlds 2 Reunion

Last night we saw the two-hour War of the Worlds 2 reunion hosted by Champs vs. Stars Alumnae Justina Valentina and professional mumbler Nick “Swaggy P” Young.  The show presented us with a lot of rehashed drama mixed with some new tidbits of information. In terms of the information learned, I would definitely say the War of the Worlds 1 reunion was more informative. Still, the War of the Worlds 2 reunion has its moments. Here’s what we learned:

1. Zach Struggled in the Final

Cara Maria blames herself for losing the final because she couldn’t solve the puzzle on the second day. She quickly mentioned Paulie and Zach’s bodies giving out, but we did not see Zach struggle. Rumors circulated after filming wrapped that Zach nearly suffered kidney failure, and Cara’s comment is the closed thing to confirmation that we have.

2. Paulie and Josh Lost Their Friendship

Untrustworthy Pualie

Perhaps the cringiest moments of the reunion came from Paulie antagonizing his fellow castmates. At one point he asked Josh is he was going to cry, poking fun at the fact that Josh is emotional. Josh called Paulie a horrible human while Paulie danced around on stage because he was called “untrustworthy.” It seems Paulie just showed up to bully his castmates.

3. Bananas Has No Secret Hook Ups

Rumors had circulated that Bananas hooked up with Jenny during filming. Not true. They were in the bathroom together while getting ready to go out one night. That’s it, nothing more that sharing a bathroom due to limited facilities. Multiple cast members confirmed the story.

4. Laurel vs. Ninja Revisited

Laurel addressed her elimination with Ninja and kept a fairly level head. Ninja did as well, but she was also very quick to point out her accomplishments and diminish any merits in Laurel’s performance. Jordan chimed in and said Ninja only won because Theo pointed out the final hole. Laurel also acknowledge that she looked silly screaming “suck it” after she won, but didn’t apologize because that’s how she felt in the moment. Ninja was bragging about her abilities prior to the match starting, so Laurel found her annoying.

5. Rogan Was Playing Dee

Despite the fact that Rogan tried to act sincere, he was only with Dee to solidify an extra number for his alliance. There’s footage of him talking about how bored he was with Dee. He tried to apologize, but Dee learned her less: never date a stripper.

6. Jordan & Tori vs. Paulie & Cara Maria

Tori Reunion

Cara talked about skipping the engagement party. Nothing new here, she maintained she didn’t want to go so she didn’t. She said the proposal felt staged and Jordan agreed… he planned the proposal. The worst part of the argument was Paulie’s dig at Tori. He said her love story gives hope to fellow cheaters like himself. Tori definitely raised an eyebrow there.

7. Georgia & Kayleigh Are Cool?

At the beginning of the season, Georgia overhead Kayleigh talking shit about her. The two girls were never cool throughout the season, which is why Kayleigh sent Georgia home as soon as she could. However, Georgia was going through a tough time after filming and Kayleigh messaged her to make sure she was going OK. Surprised by the kindness, Georgia wanted to thank Kayleigh and would like to ove past their drama.

8. Laurel and Cara Maria’s Friendship

Nothing new here, but their relationship was addressed. Again, Laurel maintained a level head when talking, as did Cara Maria. Cara admitted Laurel stuck with her in tough times, but felt Laurel would talk down to her rather than give advice. Laurel disagreed, and said she was exhausted by her relationship with Cara. She also said she would be willing to talk and move forward with Cara if she wanted.

9. Nany vs. Cara Maria

Nany says she dislikes Cara because Cara brings personal information into their arguments. Cara chalked it up to being on different alliances, but the two really got into a fighting match when Cara accused Nany of trying to slide into Paulie’s DMs. Nany yelled and claimed she and Paulie are “cool.” She also said Paulie would talk to her and complain about Cara, but Cara really didn’t take anything Nany said to heart.

10. Ninja and Jordan Apologize

For some reason, Ninja felt Jordan was rude to her and insulted her. Jordan maintained that his commentary wasn’t personal beyond the fact that he was assessing Ninja’s performance and trying to get her to improve. He would make those comments for any competitor. Ninja finds these comments insulting and Tori interrupted to help Jordan recognize the differences in opinion. They hugged it out in the end for some reason.

The Videos

Wes showed up via video chat. He said he didn’t blame Josh or Laurel for his loss and understands it’s a game. In true Wes fashion he said he tried to align himself with everyone other than Bananas. Wes has way more fun on these shows than anyone else.

Turbo sent in a video, basically just to flex his muscles. It didn’t address any drama, but did paint Jordan as a chicken.

In the end, this reunion was long. Kyle got almost no screen time and a lot of the drama dragged on. But, the full thing aired in only one week, so it was a good way to wrap up the season.


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