Challenge: War of the Worlds 2

Georgia Harrison & UK Cast Members Caught in Racism Scandal

Some Challenge fans have dug up some unfortunate pictures from Georgia’s past. Love Island & War of the Worlds 1 & 2 star Georgia Harrison had posted pictures of herself in blackface online. Granted, these pictures are from 2012, but they are still insulting and a horrible display of judgement.

Georgia is currently away filming another TV show so she is unable to comment on the scandal, but various cast mates have come to her defense. Most notable is Theo, who claimed that Georgia is on of the biggest LGBT allies he knows and she is not racist at all.

Various other cast members have commented on either Theo’s comments on Georgia’s pictures. Most notably, Esther Falana took to Instragram to comment on Theo’s pardoning Georgia. While Esther did say that Georgia isn’t racist, she did something offensive and should take responsibility. Her LGBT advocacy does not pardon this.

There are many people commenting on this incident, and not all of them will be quoted here. While Goergia has certainly posted offensive pictures, Theo seems to be taking a lot of heat. He’s getting criticism for his comments and actions during the filming of War of the Worlds 2. Cast members like Sean and Big T has stated that he displayed bullying behavior early into the game. Kayleigh thanked Esther for addressing the “black bitch” comment (see above screenshot), and it seems Theo has made a few enemies over the past couple of months.

I fully expect an apology from Georgia when she is back on social media. I believe she will be sincere, but she need to acknowledge she’s made a horrible mistake and her lapse of judgement resulted in many people getting hurt. This said, her actions on the show has not demonstrated racist behaviors.

Meanwhile, she has the support of Theo. Despite some troubling comments from him, he is black and from the UK. He claims that blackface isn’t as publicly discussed in the UK as it is in the US. Georgia’s ignorance is due to lack of exposure.

Certainly sad to see in today’s climate. Very poor taste for 2012 as well.


  1. This what happens when u dig up old shit. Leave that shit in the past. I think her behavior today has demonstrated who she is TODAY. Yes its offensive, but it’s old. And no I dont think it should be excused but she isnt here to defend herself or apologize so it should be tabled until further notice. I dont think she should be attacked or talked about until she explains. If u dig enough u will find offensive shit in most people’s social media. As for Theo calling Kaleigh a “black bitch” he is black so he can say it although it isnt a nice thing to say to anybody. No different than black people calling each other “nigga”.

    1. No excuses even if it was seven years ago. If Camila and Taylor Selfridge doesn’t a pass then neither should Georgia. I not going to say she should be banned from the Challenges but I think she should not a call for a next few.

      1. Simple, weak minded people like you is what’s wrong with society today. She shouldn’t be punished for something that happened 7 years ago. Quit being butt hurt over every little thing, let’s dig up your past and find all the dirt you’ve done and punish you for it.

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