The Challenge

10 Competitors Who’ve Never Seen a Final But Should Return

Some competitors come onto The Challenge with a lot of potential. They might win a daily challenge, win eliminations, or just come across as super likable. At some point in the competition they get eliminated, then the calls stop coming, and they haven’t been back to The Challenge in a while. Here are ten people who viewers want to see return to The Challenge even though they’ve never been to a final.

I am emphasizing people who are unlikely to be back on the show. We know people like Da’Vonne get asked back or people like Mattie will be on Season 35. Let’s take a moment to remember the people we might never see again.

10. Kimberly Alexander

Kimberly Alexander

A veteran of the often-forgotten Real World: Hollywood season, Kimberly is actually quite an impressive competitor. She lasted for a while on The Ruins, but her most impressive moment comes from her rookies season when she eliminated Ruthie on The Duel 2.

9. Thomas Buell

Appearing on three seasons back-to-back-to-back, it almost seemed like Thomas was becoming a Challenge mainstay. Then, his girlfriend was in the hospital and he understandably left Rivals 3 to be by her side. We haven’t seen him since, but he was actually pretty good on Bloodlines. Beyond that, he found himself amidst some scandalous drama that season.

8. Beth Stolarcyzk 

Beth Stolarczyk MTV

You know what’s wild? It’s been over a decade since we saw Beth. Rumor has it she’s still open to appearing on a Challenge and I’m totally here for it. I’m not sure she’d ever make a final, but she’s always doing something entertaining on the show, so let’s give her another shot!

Side note, I know Beth was technically at the “final” of her first season “The Real World/ Road Rules Challenge,” but that was just a stroll through a money chamber, not a real competition, and no one got eliminated from that season. She appeared on 6 elimination-based seasons and never saw a final there.

7. Dario Medrano 

Dario has been all over the place since his debut, but I like to remember the Dario from Bloodlines and Rivals 3. He was loud, overly confident, and unafraid to get some blood on his hands. That makes for a good competitor, but never good enough to see a final… yet.

6. Amanda Garcia

Now that Amanda is pregnant and engaged, it seems like she’s building a life for herself off MTV. She’s known for being a fighter in the game and someone who will confront the veterans head-on. She’s not afraid of repercussions and she always has a trick up her sleeve. While some people might be relieved to see her gone, other people have come to appreciate her unique point of view.

5. Shane Landrum

Shane Landrum MTV

Love him or hate him, this Road Ruler has been given the honorary title of “Champ” by MTV. In all actuality, he’s never even been to a final. Socially, his game is all over the place, but physically and mentally he’s well rounded. After taking a break from the show for over a decade he returned, finally won some eliminations, and proved he a lot of fight in him.

4. Nia Moore

Had she not gotten too handsy on Exes 2, she likely would have been in that finale. But, a dumb move got her kicked off the show and allowed Theresa to take her place in the final. Despite this she showed some real potential that season by winning three eliminations. Plus, she’s a got a knack for getting into some serious drama.

3. Brandon Nelson

Best known for being the Red Team’s scapegoat on Cutthroat, Brandon won a few eliminations that season. He proved he has a good amount of fight in him, but he only got to compete twice after that. One time he lost to Wes, the other time losing to Zach.

2. Averey Tressler 

Maybe it’s because she’s relatable, maybe it’s because she was kicked off Rivals 3 when Leroy was sent home, or maybe it’s because she’s a pretty tough competitor. Averey has a lot of fans out there, but for some reason her fans aren’t part of production. We only really saw her compete on one season, and she did pretty well despite being paired with her Ex.

1. Cohutta Grindstaff 

Cohutta is a super likable guy. He’s seldom in drama and has had some impressive feats on the show such as eliminating Wes on The Ruins. After returning for Bloodlines he got sent home early and hasn’t been back since. He seems willing to return and he still has a lot of fans out there, so where are the calls MTV?


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