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10 Side Plotlines You May Have Forgotten

Most seasons of The Challenge are remembered for one or two main storylines. War of the Worlds 2 will be remembered for “Cara’s Cult” vs. the Bananas/Jordan’s alliance and Jordan proposing to Tori. Meanwhile, most seasons have some lesser storylines that are forgotten over time. These are minor fights that are ignored after a couple of episodes, relationships that never come to formation, or competitors who are only minor concerns to the team. Over time, these storylines have no lasting effect on The Challenge, but on their seasons they are funny moments in time.

1. Road Rules vs. Cara

Cara Z MTV

On The Gauntlet, it seemed like the Road Rules team was against Sarah. They were, but their secondary nemesis was Cara Z. You could make a case that Cara was actually worse than Sarah, but she was also dating Dave so she had more numbers on her side. Cara won two eliminations, including the final one, but she was often receiving votes to go into The Gauntlet. She can even been seen standing up for Sarah at one point, which is a ballsy move considering she would become the next target.

Rookies in Ruins

For some reason, The Gauntlet 3 had two houses: the main house and a smaller bunk. The first challenge of the season was a game of tug-of-war, and the losing team had to live in the smaller bunk all season. The Rookies lost, and then this twist was seemingly never mentioned again. Most likely, this was because the Rookies just forced themselves into the main house. Some Rookies were romantically involved with Veterans (like Danny and Melinda or Brad and Tori) and shared a bed with a Vet while others just snagged an open bed when a Veteran went home.

The Legend of Dunbar

The Island is mostly remembered for the awful conditions and Bananas back-stabbing Paula. It was also a moment in time when everyone thought Dunbar was going to be the best competitor to ever grace The Challenge. For some reason, he got this reputation despite the fact that he never competed. Abe just gave him a key, then Evelyn stole that key immediately before the final. Admittedly he did assist Paula in getting her key, but he never had to prove himself that season. In fact, he never had to do a thing.

Banana’s Bar Fight

On Cutthroat, the cast only got to go out for one night. That’s because Bananas got into a fight with a drunken brawler at a club. The guy punched Bananas in the face then Bananas tossed him down a flight of stairs. There’s a lot of drama that has occurred with Bananas since then, and it seems his most dangerous fight has been erased from his resume… but it didn’t erase the black eye from his face.

Sarah the Savage

Sarah is known for having some pretty bad partners, but there was a time when she was pretty rough on some of her teammates. On Cutthroat she encouraged Shavuon to quit the game, which she did. She and Laurel also threatened to throw the last challenge so Cara Maria would go into elimination, which never happened. In the final, it was Sarah who let the team down after getting sick and medically carried off the field.

Diem’s Rap

Back on Rivals 2, when CT was sleeping with the whole house, Nany was seen dancing with him at a club. In response, Diem allegedly wrote a rap song about Nany. Jemmye swears she was a witness, and magically a rap dissing Nany appeared. Of course, this was just a prank due to the rumor, but we’ll probably never know if there was any legitimacy behind the alleged rap.

Bananas Burns Nany

On Bloodlines, the season after Bananas and Nany were partners on Exes 2, Bananas decided to “burn” his vote and side with his team by sending Nany into elimination. This upset Nany who felt betrayed by her once-partner. Bananas justified the vote because he didn’t want to upset his girlfriend back at home, a conversation he thought the cameras didn’t catch.

Tony and Jessica

Jessica McCain

On Rivals 3, Jessica came into the house with a boyfriend. She also immediately caught Tony’s eye and the Skeletons alumni began flirting with her. Tony would drunkenly crawl into her bed, but he was denied any action. Their relationship would come to a head when Jessica called her boyfriend to break up. Meanwhile, Tony is in the kitchen because he was so drunk the night before he crawled into Jessica’s bed and, in his words, “shit his pants.”

Ashley’s Last Straw

On Invasion, many people remember Ashley threatening to quit when her toilet seat was sent to sea. That wasn’t the only time. Once Ashley earned her spot in the final she made a second threat to quit. Nelson accused her for crying for attention, but CT was able to talk some reason into her. Perhaps she was nervous, or just lonely because all of her Lavendar Ladies had left. Either way, it’s a good thing she stayed. She went on to win that final.

Little Bananas

Bananas and Tony made a strong team on Final Reckoning, despite the fact that Tony had just stabbed Bananas in the back on Vendettas. Bananas stated he always viewed Tony has a “little brother,” but the mentorship did not impress Tony. At any mention of him as a “little brother,” Tony would tell Bananas to cut that shit out!

These are just a handful of examples. Maybe you remember them, but the impacts of these stories were short lived. There are many other examples out there, and I’m sure there are many more to come.

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