Challenge: Total Madness

The Challenge Total Madness: Screenshots from Trailer 1

Recently, we were blessed with two trailers for Total Madness. I’ve taken screen shots of both, and here is everything you can see in the first trailer.

To recap the second trailer, click here!

Warning, you may be able to deduce some spoiler from this post. I also may some details incorrect because I am zooming in on a blurry still. Feel free to correct me.

Johnny Bananas is here, again.

Johnny Bananas Total Madness

Tori: now the game has changed. Kyle’s there too.

Wes is here with a beard.

Bananas: It looks like a literal war zone

A challenge with first and podiums. Maybe a puzzle?

The most dangerous challenge.

Melissa sliding down a tube.


A car sliding into barrels. People on top of the barrels.

Swaggy, Cory, Kyle. Also surprised over something.

Jenny and Wes throwing a box out of a plane.

An explosion.

Gets more explosive.

Someone guiding a helicopter with a torch.

TJ: This is the biggest twist we have ever had on The Challenge.

Jay in elimination. See the fire in the middle.

Jenny pulling a barrel. Tori in the background.


Competitors dangling and hitting a box in a challenge.

Mattie: You’re not great here, you won’t be great out there.

Mattie Total Madness


Challenge climbing a moving truck.

Elimination. Two men repelling off a suspended wall.

Same elimination, in PURGATORY

Madness, written in spray paint to add to the craziness!

Someone emerging through a wall covered in suds.

Dee with a medic.

Jenny blowing something up.

Let the madness in!

The long awaited return of Nelson!

Nelson: I feel completely alone.


Nany is back! Nelson on the side.

This door at the end of a hall way. Why are they so obsessed with this door?

Kailah hidden behind some inflated lips.

Kailah with a Snapchat filter.

This door again.

CT with the colors inverted. Notice you can see Jenny and Jay written on the wall.

CT grinning.

Yellow logo

Red logo. Really big on the McDonald’s colors I see.

Premiers April 1st at 8!

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