Challenge: Total Madness

The Challenge Total Madness: Screenshots from Trailer 2

Recently, we were blessed with two trailers for Total Madness. I’ve taken screen shots of both, and here is everything you can see in the second trailer.

To recap the first trailer, click here!

Warning, you may be able to deduce some spoiler from this post. I also may some details incorrect because I am zooming in on a blurry still. Feel free to correct me.

Johnny Bananas: I’m out for revenge

Here we go, with this door.

High voltage.

Some poison, because keeping people in a bunker with toxic gasses is a cute theme for the Czech Republic.

CT: All Bets are off

Here’s Bananas. Showing up in the depths of hell.

Nany’s there too.

And Bear. Seems like a nightmare for Wes.

Here’s Aneesa! Finally. And of course they use a clip of her awkwardly blinking.

Woman (likely Dee): All bets are off

Cory doing his standard TYB pose.


This door. This time out of the red light.

The Challenge. Remind you of anything?

Rogan: We’re living in a fucking bunker.

Jenna. Either showing concern or stretch her face to avoid wrinkles.

Man’s voice (likely Wes): With no windows and no doors!

The whole cast running. Bananas and Kyle visible.

The Challenge logo.

Another lame Bananas toast.

Bananas: We’re going to war.

TJ going to war.

TJ: This season you’re here to prove that you’re the best.

Nelson and Fessy dangling in a challenge.

TJ: I’m done with people skating by.

Someone climbing the side of a wall on a moving truck.

It’s Fessy.

Jenny and Wes through cargo away.

Jenny blowing something up.

TJ: The only way to make it in to a final


TJ: Is to win an elimination

A shocked crowd: Fessy?, Ashley, Jennifer, Bayleigh, Swaggy, Tori, Jordan, Aneesa, CT

Swaggy, Cory and Kyle are shocked.

Jenny showing mild concern.

Tori in tye die: The game is changed. This is the kind of twist that is felt through the entire house.

The crowd walking: Fessy, Bear, Dee, Bayleigh, Jenny

Wes: I’m going crazy on day one!

Confirmed: Wes’s beard is driving everyone else crazy.

Wes Total Madness

April fools!

A tank challenge.

Bananas: It looks like a literal war zone.

An elimination. Looks like it could be Balls In?

Woman (Mattie?): This place is meant to break you

Cory’s in the house!

Jay: Everyone in the bunker is losing their mind.

Two males in a Hall Brawl style elimination!

Poor Nelson! Throwing the phone in his slippers.

Bananas and Kyle in a tunnel.

TJ: You’re gonna have to go at it alone.

Man’s voice (Jordan?) This is kind of a free for all.

Jay in an elimination. Notice the ball on fire in the background.

Bayleigh: This place is terrifying.

Bananas: I’m surrounded by liars, scumbags, and cry babies.

Nelson doing Nelson things.

Purgatory elimination. This one looks cool.

Purgatory Total Madness

Another shot. People repelling off a suspended wall.

Kailah throwing a fit.


Rogan and Dee The Challenge

What Josh lacks in abs he makes up for in chins

Josh Total Madness

Bananas: What the hell is roaming this hallways at night?

Answer: Kailah

Climbing wall elimination.

Kailah: Ugh, this game’s a mindfuck.

Jenna offering visual support.

Bombs under a truck

Man’s voice (Bear?): This place can send you mad if you let it

Man emerging from foam

Melissa going down a tube

Medics wrapping someone like a ballpark hot dog

Someone hanging out of a helicopter

The helicopter

CT in red light

STOP WITH THIS. This season is not War of the Worlds 3. We don’t need this dusty old clip.


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