Challenge: Total Madness

The Challenge Total Madness: Screenshots from the Super Trailer

MTV keeps on giving us trailers for this season. I love this, and a lot was revealed in this morning’s Super Trailer.

About half of these images have been seen in prior trailers. So pardon the repeats from the first and second trailers. MTV repeated content, not me.

Warning, a lot is revealed here. If you don’t want to know spoilers, maybe this one isn’t for you. That said, I am not reveling anything that isn’t shown in the trailer. I’m just giving screenshots of moments that were too blurry and fast for the naked eye.

Bananas, Rogan, and Josh in a rope pulling challenge.

Fessy swinging off a moving car.

Jordan, Jenna, and Bayleigh running is jumpsuits.

Nany running with a puzzle piece followed by Bayleigh. 

A car on fire. Why? For the ‘gram.

Sittin’ sideways

A male? peaking out of the car.

Jordan banging through glass in a challenge.

Bear carrying a puzzle piece.

TJ: blah blah blah biggest twist

Purgatory. The elimination Arena.


Competitors dangling in a challenge. Nany and Kyle visible.

Wes, Ashley, Jenn?, Bayleigh, Swaggy, Tori, Jordan, Bananas, Aneesa, CT, Nelson, Bear.

A female swinging in a mission or elimination with a climbing wall.

Jenna swinging things.

Kailah is trash? Or Kailah in the trash? Not sure if this is a competition.

Fessy and Jordan in elimination.

Fessy Jordan Total Madness

Jay in elimination.

Bananans in elimination.

Bananas elimination total madness

Rogan, Fessy in the back.


Jenny. Who knew she had some many piercings?

Wes’s beard.



Josh the challenge

Another truck explosion.

An obstacle course on a moving truck.

Dee swimming. Nany behind.

An elimination smashing pots. No bodies shown.

The rebelling elimination we saw in prior trailers.

The same picture of CT laughing.

The car gliding into barrels.

Either this is the final, or they just went for a hike for fun.


Jordan telling Wes his head is in the game. Tori waiting for the fight to be over so she can grab the Cheez-Itz.

A group of people running downhill. One running up.

Nelson in a Pole Wrestle type elimination.

Human Ant Farm.

Just a contraption.

Truck on fire.

TJ in a tank. Each season he gets better vehicles.

Two males? in elimination.

TJ has been waiting for the stars to align. Now they have. Hmmm…

Bananas total madness

Swaggy, Cory, Kyle all shocked.

Female Hall Brawl. Dee is there.

This hallway. Again.

A challenge involving car pushing.

Jenny blowing shit up.

Big T annihilating Kaycee.

A challenge.

Bear practicing safe sex.

Wes going mad. Kyle holding him.

Ashley smashing a lamp. WHO WRONGER HER??!

Someone (Kyle?) in an elimination.

Kyle, Bananas, and Fessy running in the hall.


Dee crying and being consoled by Kaycee?

Kailah talking to Wes about a mutual love of Bear.

Rogan fighting with Dee.

Dee leaving.

Kailah spewing.


Aneesa and Dee fighting. Kyle is in the middle.

Jenna talking to Zach.

Zach Skypes in to the season. He’ll get more camera time than a few official cast members.

Zach jenna mtv challenge

Jenna is upset.

Jenna total madness

But she has her friend Nany.

Nany and Bayleigh? dangling in a challenge.

Mattie talking about being mentally sane.

Big T is upset!

Guiding a helicopter.

Swaggy and Josh fighting.

Bear, Big T, and Kyle are shocked.

Jay in a fiery elimination.

Kailah and Bear.

Kailah Bear total madness

Kailah threw away a relationship for a guy who doesn’t care.

The tank is back.

Big T again.


Wes Bergmann beard

Bananas in his puffy coat.

johnny bananas 2020

Jenny. Tori in the back.

Jenny West

Someone in the snow.

Kaycee. She won Big Brother 20. Who knew?!


A clip of Kyle’s nipple piercings. Bayleigh photobombing.


Did Jordan get his gloves custom made for his hand? No shade, I like the gloves. Sometimes he has great fashion sense, other times he dresses like he’s duck hunting.

CT in the rain.

Dee in quarantine.

Someone in suds.

Bear in bubbles.

It wouldn’t be a trailer without an action shot of Aneesa.

Aneesa MTV 2020

King Nelly T.

Melissa swimming.

Jenna dropping an anvil or weight in elimination.

Nany, Swaggy C, and Nelson carrying metal scraps.

Nany total madness

Fessy in a helicopter.

Ashley in the bunker.

CT. Just showing up.

CT Tamburello Total Madness

Asaf and Nany!

Dee and Jay.

Rogan looking like a hot mess.

Bayleigh blowing shit up.

Jenny and Wes throwing shit out of a helicopter.


Cory Wharton Total Madness

Kyle dropping into a sewer, Rogan behind him. Fessy, Jenny and Nelson to the right.

They drop into a swim.

Melissa swinging along a wall.

Cory deep in thought.

Nelson being smart.

Nelson total madness

Tori is shocked. A staple of every trailer.

Tori Deal Total Madness

Mattie in a helicopter.

Aww. Poor Nany 😦

Someone had to explain to Bananas that this wasn’t a period.

Nelson smashing an end table.

Bayleigh vs. Kaycee. If I had to guess, this fight will be edited out.

Bayleigh Kaycee

Nelson shoving Kyle. Josh trying to break it up.

Bear wearing a full sweatsuit and his dumbass Hawaiian shirt.

Someone being taken away by medics.

Bananas in a tunnel with a puzzle piece.

Now with Kyle.

Now I’m gonna stop. The rest of the trailer was the same logos I’ve seen before.

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