Challenge: Total Madness

Cast Members Who Won’t Be Missed on Total Madness

MTV is in full promo swing right now! And they posted a video where they asked Total Madness cast members which other Challenger they were happy to NOT see on this season.

The winner: Cara Maria.

Second place: Paulie.

A couple of people said other names. Wes said Georgia, and Rogan said Theo. Then Ashley and CT just deflected the question.

But let’s be honest, here are some people we’re happy not to see.

Cara Maria 

No doubt, the competition is a little less stiff this season without Cara, but Cara herself said that this break was very needed. It allowed her to get some rest and find herself again. Keep in mind, she did five finals back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back. Some of them were brutal and took a toll on her body. And yes, she was a little bit on the gloomier side last season. I don’t need her to be 100% positive, but I want the competitors to enjoy themselves somewhat.


Paulie’s a good competitor, but he has given us so many cringy moments in recent seasons. Lying about Britni and Brad’s relationship on Final Reckoning, counting sex spots on War of the Worlds 1, and the Bruno Mars dance at the War of the Worlds 2 reunion. Not to mention all of the chest-puffing almost fights. Hopefully a little break allows him to come back focused on the game and not the BS.


After squealing her way to the end of War of the Worlds 2, we saw how Ninja is a super lopsided performer. She can’t swim, but she can climb anything. Her confidence only went so far, I think many people need a break from her enthusiasm for her own game.


I half expected him to return on this season, but he has a kid now and it’s great to see him spend time with his family. He was kind of a wreck on War of the Worlds, and his return this season would put him in a more negative spot. Although he would be back with Team Young Buck.


Similar to Hunter, has a kid now. I like Faith, but after quitting last season, she needs to take some time before she comes back… if she does.


Her purge last season was kind of embarrassing, and I hope she works on her swimming before she comes back. The real reason I’m glad she’s not here, she would have been in the middle of Nelson drama all season. Let’s keep the drama between Nelson and Angela.

Georgia & Nicole

Georgia can be hit or miss, but I don’t want another season of her chasing Bear around. Strictly as a competitor, she’d be welcome. As a personality, she can take a break. And take her boring friend Nicole with her.

To be fair, I disagree with Rogan here. I’d rather have Theo than Kyle this season.


  1. Who cares if they enjoy Cara or not. They better be glad she didn’t come onto the season cause that means automatic finals again. Jealous ass hoes

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