Challenge: Total Madness

Who Will Be Screwed By the Red Skull Twist?

Jay has won the first elimination of the season and he’s the first person to have a red skull engraved on his helmet. This means he’s allowed to compete in the final because he has emerged victorious from an elimination. He’s probably not screwed at this point in the game, at least no more screwed than he was to begin with.

On the other hand, a lot of competitors are probably scared. Winning an elimination is unfamiliar, or at least uncommon, territory for some of the Total Madness players.

These ten people are probably the most scared of the Red Skull twist.

10. Cory Wharton

Cory’s found success on prior seasons by never took home a victory. He made it to the finals on his first and third seasons, but Cory returned to the Trilogy and was all talk. He targeted the veterans, but failed hard when it came to eliminating them. He lost Dirty Thirty midway and was the first guy to lose elimination on Vendettas. If you look at his record, who has he really beaten? Derrick H?  The odds aren’t in his favor.

9. Jenny West

Looking at Jenny, you’d think she was a tank. She’s strong, but she also lost to Tori in a physical elimination last season. A smart competitor would leverage this information. Someone is going to want a strong girl out of the game. Throw Jenny in the ring against another beast, and one strong girl is out. I can guarantee to plan has crossed some minds, and Jenny is a pawn in the plan.

8. Josh Martinez

After an impressive start on the first Challenge of the season, Josh has proven he’s a little better than most people anticipated. Still, we can’t ignore the fact that he hasn’t won an elimination yet. He was also the first loser on War of the Worlds, crediting his loss to his anxiety. Hopefully he has learned to cope, because the stakes just got a lot higher in Purgatory.

7. Bayleigh Dayton

So far, Bayleigh hasn’t come across as a beast, but she isn’t a push over either. She’ll get targeted due to her rookie prospect status, but she will also have to deal with Swaggy getting the same target. The stress will be doubled for Swayliegh

6. Rogan O’Connor

Arrogant Rogan

Despite having won the last season of The Challenge, he has never won an elimination. To make the Total Madness finale, he’ll need to make his first appearance in elimination a victory. Fortunately, we know he’s not the worst competitor. He’s already outperformed his time on Vendettas, but he’s a far cry from outperforming his performance on War of the Worlds 2.

5. Aneesa Ferreira

Aneesa Total Madness

There was a time when Aneesa was feared in elimination, but that fear as since subsided. Her time on Dirty Thirty hasn’t shown the fire we saw on The Duel 2, but fans want to believe it’s still there. Eliminations haven’t been kind to Aneesa in recent years, but winning one could do wonders for her reputation.

4. Johnny Bananas

Bananas has many victories on The Challenge. His record for most Challenge titles is met with his record for most elimination losses. Johnny may be great in a final, but Vegas odds would say he’ll lose his next elimination. Especially after looking at his performance on War of the Worlds 1 & 2.

3. Jennifer Lee

As a newcomer, Jenn is pretty disconnected from the rest of the cast. She was the first person to be removed from The Amazing Race and she didn’t do too well on the first challenge of the season. Let’s be honest, winning an elimination would be a complete 180 for her reputation.

2. Swaggy C

While Bayleigh might be his biggest cheerleader, it’s only a matter of time before the veterans turn their targets onto this rookie. While Fessy has size working to his advantage, Swaggy may come across as the easier victory.

1. Nany Gonzalez

After eight seasons on The Challenge, Nany hasn’t won a season yet. She’s also not great in elimination, having won only three and lost eight. Every victory so far has been with a partner, so an individual victory is uncharted territories for Nany.

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