Challenge: Total Madness

The Challenge Total Madness: Top Moments from Episode 2

The Red Skull twist is in full effect, and the game is on!

1. Bombs Away

The challenge is called Airdrop Extraction and the cast is split into seven teams of three. Heat one requires teams to transport 15 crates across a one mile course. The top there teams advance to part two where they fly in a helicopter and throw nine crates onto a target. The challenge starts, and the team of Wes, Jenny, and Jordan appear to be the team to beat. A few people impress, such as Fessy who carries the crates with easy and Big T who manages to pull crates through the course despite her small frame. Other people struggle, like Jenn who can barely lift a crate. Wes, Jenny, and Jordan finish first followed by Fessy, Kyle, and Melissa. The third team to finish is Cory, Dee, and Swaggy C but they redeem themselves by hitting every target in the second heat. They become the Tribunal.

2. Earth to Jenn

Knowing the girls will want Jenn to go into elimination, Bananas and Wes convince her to prepare a speech to advocate for her safety. Of course, this is just a joke to make Jenn look like a fool. Jenn takes notes, and at the vote she is prepared to deliver the speech. She opens with “greetings Earthlings,” and thing go downhill from there. Jenn gets voted in, and no one feels bad about it.

3. Rogan’s Revenge

After chasing Dee all last season, Rogan has moved onto a new prospect. Jenn and Rogan begin to flirt, even though most people want Jenn out of the game. Rogan admits he’s thinking with his penis. After nominations, Jenn accuses Dee of targeting her. Jenn says “girl code” is out the window, but Dee says it doesn’t matter, the house targeted Jenn. Then, Jenn accuses Dee of being jealous and for spying on her while she sleeps.

4. Deevide

Being in the Tribunal, two girls are trying to get Dee to send them into elimination. Jenny and Tori want to face Jenn, knowing she’s the easiest elimination victory and a near-guaranteed Red Skull. Dee gives her word to Jenny, but Tori feels she should be sent into Purgatory because she and Jordan helped Dee win last season. Ultimately the Tribunal talks to Jenny, Tori, and Big T, but it seems Dee has the final say.

5. Flipping the Switch

At Purgatory, TJ shocks the Tribunal and lets Dee know she can volunteer herself into elimination. The Tribunal has all the power, and they don’t need to be safe if they want to earn their Red Skull. Dee decides to be loyal, and she sends in Jenny. The elimination is called Flip the Switch, and the two competitors need to swing a series of weights over a beam. Jenny flies through the elimination and crushes Jenn. No surprise.


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