Ex on the Beach

Cory Wharton Welcomes Second Daughter With Taylor Selfridge

Last week, Cory posted some good news online: Taylor went into labor!

On April 23th, his second daughter was born! Both Cory and Taylor has been fairly private, choosing not to show the baby’s face, but there have been a couple of pictures.

Taylor Selfridge baby

Taylor was in labor for 22 hours! But, in the end, everything went OK.

The couple first met on Ex on the Beach in 2018. They’ve been on-again-off-again since the show, but now they have a bond for life. The name has not been released, but so far both parents and the baby seem to be doing well.

Cory Wharton baby

Very exciting news for both parents! Wishing the new family all the luck in the world.


Cory has posted a photo of his daughter Mila Mae Wharton. Both parents are included. She’s absolutely adorable.

Mila Mae Wharton

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