Challenge: Total Madness

The Bathroom Situation on Total Madness

On Total Madness, we all know the living conditions aren’t the best. The cast is stuck in a bunker, there aren’t windows, and there’s not a lot to do. But, the conditions don’t seem like they’re that bad.

Recently, TJ Lavin, Wes, Bananas and Jenna appeared on a Cameo virtual charity event (starts at 2:54:22) and revealed the shittiest thing about living in the bunker… literally.

Jenna revealed that the cast was absolutely disgusting in the bathroom, then Wes revealed the extent of the issue. Apparently the toilets and plumbing were broken shortly after the cast moved in. Instead of fixing this, production brought outhouses. So, when the cast woke up in the morning, they had to go outside in the freezing cold to use the bathroom.

Some of the boys would pee in the shower or the sink rather than walk outside. Apparently the showers weren’t the best, the bathrooms inside stunk, and going outside was miserable in the cold.

This may not sound awful, but imaging living with it for six weeks. It’s understandable that the cast started to lose their minds. Jordan reiterated this point, emphasizing the cold and the bathroom situation.

It seems like the bunker wasn’t immediately miserable, but it slowly turned into insanity. Wes predicts this will never get shown, but it was a very real element of daily life in the bunker.

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