Challenge: Total Madness

Is Jenna Here to Play the Game?

Last week, we saw Jenna on the verge of quitting. In fact, she told Zach she was going to leave the game. Tears were shed, feelings were hurt, and Jewel was played.

Despite this, Jenna remained in the competition. TJ asked if anyone wanted to quit prior to the Fast & Furious competition. All eyes were on Jenna, but she didn’t leave.

She didn’t win the competition either, but Jordan and Nany did. They made Jenna the third member of the Tribunal and claimed it was because she was friend with Nany. Clearly, some scheme is in the works.

There’s two perspectives here. Perspective one was a narrative told by Tori. She believes Jenna is mentally checked out. Even if Jenna intends on staying in the game, her heart is breaking and she wants to be with Zach. Jordan and Tori view this situation with dollar signs in their eyes. If Jenna is mentally defeated, it could be an opportunity for Tori to get an easy red skull in the game.

Nany sees the situation differently, and she knows Jenna. She believe Jenna is not capable of quitting and she wants to be in the game. Yes, Jenna did remain in the competition physically, but her performance on the Fast & Furious challenge was mediocre.

So what’s going on here? Why is Jenna in the Tribunal?

I believe Jenna is ready to make a big move. She needs a red skull to run the final, and this is an individual game. So, she’ll probably risk her life in the game and try to take out a strong competitor in the process. She may face someone like Tori, Jenny, or Aneesa in Purgatory, and they stand a good chance at taking her out. But, if she wants to win, she needs to defeat these people at some point. I believe Jenna will try her hardest, but also take the opportunity to make a big move. If the mob votes in someone weak, Nany might try to get her Red Skull instead of Jenna.

If she loses, she goes home. She has other things to deal with. If she wins, she had the red skull. One stressor in the game has been eliminated. Jenna isn’t out of the game, but she’s mentally in a position where she can’t stay in a comfortable position.

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