Challenge: Total Madness

This Is What Total Madness Should Have Been

Total Madness has been a hit for MTV. The season has boasted strong ratings, but based on the subtitle alone people would not have had any idea what the season entailed.

Originally Total Madness was going to be the third War of the Worlds season. This is kind of ironic, because War of the Worlds 2 was originally going to be called Bloody Hell and not a sequel to War of the Worlds. This season is the the only one that actually makes sense for the “War of the Worlds” title because the teams are mostly dictated by nation of origin.

I’m not one to post fantasy casts on this site, but a lot of fans are confused by the nondescript season titles. Vendettas really didn’t make sense as a title, Final Reckoning meant nothing to the fans, and now Total Madness exists. Why this title? Maybe because they’re in a bunker? Who really knows.

Now I’m going to put myself in production’s seat and format Total Madness, because honestly, my idea is better than the format we got. And yes, the skull twist is still there.

If you want “madness” in the title, this should be a bracket style season like March Madness. The competitor who wins the daily challenge gets to determine the elimination for your sex that week. No Tribunal BS. You win, you get full control. This would allow the victor to place 2 people in elimination, so they could compete against an easy competitor or they could place two titans against each other.

To advance through the bracket we’d likely have 16 Challengers competing for red skulls. Getting a red skull means you’re immune until stage two where 8 people compete for bronze skulls. Then 4 people in the semi-finals compete for silver skulls. And the two finalists will compete for the winning gold skull.

Even if you get the first red skull, winning the daily challenge has importance because you can try to rig an elimination to get a strong competitor out. Say Jay wins the first red skull then wins the second daily challenge? He has full control over elimination and can send CT against Rogan, ensuring one goes home.

The way this works, the winner doesn’t need to win one elimination. They need to win four. It’s a truly individual game, and a cleaner format than we’ll ever get. It’s a nice thought though.

To be honest, this format lends itself well to a “madness” theme, but I originally thought this format would have been better for season 32. Instead of the mess that was Final Reckoning, this could have been Dirty Thirty-2.

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