The Challenge

Ten People Basically Edited Out of Seasons

The second half of Total Madness saw Dee vanish from our screens. Production stated they would continue airing the season “as normal,” but clearly there has been a lot of chopping on the edit.

Camila received a similar edit on Dirty Thirty after her racist tirade, receiving no confessionals. Meanwhile, other competitors have appeared on Challenges but barely got any recognition. While they never formally got the ax from MTV, it’s clear MTV didn’t really see their value on certain seasons. When thinking of older Challenge seasons, viewer likely don’t remember these people appearing on them.

10. Rachel Moyal (The Gauntlet 3)

The Gauntlet 3 Mud Ball

If I had to summarize Rachel’s appearance on The Gauntlet 3, I’d call her a number in the Austin alliance. She wasn’t the loud one, she wasn’t the strategic one, she wasn’t ruffling feathers. She was just there to vote, she never saw elimination, but she somehow won.

9. Dan Walsh (Cutthroat)

After The Island, Dan seemed like he was the life of the party. When he didn’t immediately return, it seemed like a lost opportunity. In reality, he was kicking his drinking habit and focusing on his sobriety. When he came back to The Challenge, he was much tamer and not an amazing competitor. He made it about half way through Cutthroat, didn’t get much camera time, and lost to Dunbar.

8. Ty Ruff (Rivals 2)

There was a point in time where Ty was one of the more controversial Challengers. This is likely why he got invited onto Rivals 2 despite having no real rivalry with Leroy. It turns out the creative pairing was not very beneficial for production. Ty was his tamest, and it was usually his shortcomings that led the team to fail.

7. Dario Medrano (Dirty Thirty)

I can’t blame MTV for inviting Dario back after his first three seasons. He was loud, recognizable, and ambitious. On Dirty Thirty, he mostly slept and flew under the radar. This actually got him pretty far, but it also wasn’t particularly entertaining.

6. Flora Alekseyeun (Battle of the Seasons 2002)

Flora Battle of the Seasons

For someone who was such a prominent character on Real World Miami, it was surprising to see Flora take a back seat on Battle of the Seasons. Allegedly, this is because she went to the Real World 10 Year Reunion after filming Seasons and before it aired. She tried to orchestrate a protest for more pay, and production was mad.

5. McKenzie Coburn (Battle of the Seasons)

Seasons had an influx of rookies, so one was bound to get left under the radar. It appears to have been McKenzie, who was one of the more prominent characters on New Orleans. She was overshadowed by Knight and Jemmye then got regulated to competing with Preston. She quickly disappeared from the show and our memories.

4. Natalie Negrotti (War of the Worlds)

It seemed Natalie was poised to become the next big name on The Challenge after Vendettas and Final Reckoning. Then, War of the Worlds came around. She flew under the radar, barely got a single confessional, and disappeared before she made any impression. Rumor has it, production was kind of bitter over Glittergate, but that’s just a rumor.

3. Zahida Allen (War of the Worlds 2)

The most understandable entry on this list, Zahida had to leave War of the Worlds 2 early because of a family emergency. Very little footage of her was used, mostly because she left before filming all of her confessionals. She didn’t do much during her time there, and left before she could prove herself. Even her cast photo was constructed using War of the Worlds 1 footage.

2. Jamie Murray (The Gauntlet 2)

For someone who won the whole game, we saw very little of Jamie. Admittedly, he was never someone who thrived off of drama. He was also placed on the Rookie team despite having two seasons under his belt. It seemed production was more concerned with covering their error than giving Jamie a story line.

1. Eddie Williams (Vendettas)

The most notorious example, Eddie was really cut out of Vendettas. In fact, production removed him from the household but the controversy never made the air. Prior to the season, viewers would hear a different story. Eddie was featured in Vendettas advertising and had a cast picture released. Then, he had no speaking role in the first episode and MTV aired the season as if he was never there.

BONUS: Piggy Thomas

Piggy wasn’t just edited out of The Inferno, she was replaced by Christena. Rumor has it, she wasn’t totally there and had a hard time filming segments. From what I understand, she left during the beginning of the season when cast members film their entrance interviews. So she disappeared for “personal”/ mental health issues, and there was no big scene in the house. Much
of the cast was left out of the loop, but a keen eye can spot her this season.


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