Challenge: Total Madness

Kyle Really is The Most Useless Player On Total Madness

Total Madness is a season where some people have accomplished major feats. Other people have flown under the radar and barely done anything this season.

Last week, Kyle had to plead for his chance to get a Red Skull. His request was denied, and Cory got the opportunity. Now, Kyle is sitting in the game without a skull.

To be honest, weeks go by and I forget Kyle is on this show. He’s done nothing. 0 eliminations, 0 Tribunals, and 0 credentials for the final. He is really just a number in the game. Mostly, he just sits on the sides and votes with the majority. Or he fills at seat in Tribunal, but everyone knows he’s just a burn vote.

We were bound to get this far in the game with a few people without skulls. This is expected, but everyone else has at least made the Tribunal. Kyle is the only person left who had won neither elimination nor a daily challenge.

This doesn’t look good for him, as we don’t know if any eliminations remain. His complacency with others will likely get him a spot in the next elimination… if it exists. He at least has a strong social presence this season. There’s also the potential we will see Purges before the final. Someone with a losing streak like Kyle is prime bait to lose a Purge and go home.

Kyle really hasn’t done much this season. He is the ultimate floater in Total Madness, but I think the competition will get tougher as the final approaches. He has a good shot of getting a skull, which is kind of a shame. I was hoping this season would see some people get to the end without a skull, but the cutthroat nature of The Challenge will ultimately reward the floaters who’ve coasted this far.

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