Challenge: War of the Worlds

Glittergate: What Is It?

Anyone who follows spoilers or online Challenge drama has heard rumors about “Glittergate.” Many people are wondering what the event is, whether or not it actually happened, any why it didn’t make the final cut of the episode.

Allegedly, Natalie poured a whole container of glitter on Zach’s bed and he freaked out. This was not confirmed and the footage was left on the cutting room floor. Fortunately, Instagram Live and loose lips have blessed up with some commentary on the incident.

Cara Maria and Paulie were on Live with week after the episode (a tweet containing the video can be found here). A quick summary: after getting eliminated, Natalie dumped a whole container of glitter on Zach’s bed and left some notes behind. Zach laid in the bed and glitter and freaked out and cried. He claimed the glitter got in his lungs, so he was taken to the E.R. Due to the cleaning and the E.R. fees, Natalie was fined over $1,000. Just to clarify, this is not a bill she will have to pay. It is going to be deduced from any fees she’s paid to appear on the show.

This is not included in the video, though it is alluded to when Cara Maria begins by saying “…so it pissed him off so bad the first time.” Apparently, Natalie spilled some glitter on Zach’s bed then he retaliated by putting coffee on her bed prior to her elimination. So the second incident is done to intentionally piss off Zach. Add in the fact that she left some mean notes for most of the cast, plus some nice ones for Cara Maria and Paulie. We’ve got the elements for a disaster.

This would make sense for it to get cut from the show. If the main incident happened after Natalie’s elimination, I understand they wouldn’t want to show it. It would just be Zach freaking out with an abrupt ending due to Natalie leaving the house. Still would have been funny, but I understand why it’s not a necessity.

This is all a rumor, but it’s been circulating for a couple of month. Maybe some day we will have the full story.



  1. Something for the reunion. Also really they tied up Amanda? They’re bordering on criminal charges with that one if true.

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