The Challenge

Is it Time to Retire the UK Cast Members?

On Vendettas we MTV grab competitors from outside sources. Big Brother and MTV UK seemed to be their new initiative, and viewers were introduced to some new faces and accents.

War of the Worlds rolled around. We got a bunch of new UK faces, and eve more showed up for War of the World 2. Each time an international contestant would show up on The Challenge, fans would have the same responses. Who?

At this point we’re familiar with a lot of the faces, they’ve also caused a lot of controversy, but many have strong personalities.

After watching War of the Worlds do well in the ratings, War of the Worlds 2 do so-so, then Total Madness become the strongest of the three, I’ve reached a conclusion. Big Brother brings the ratings. Nothing against the UK kids, but for a show that airs in the US first, US viewers matter most. Fans of Big Brother 20 might take the step of turning on MTV to see Kaycee or Fessy compete.

Challenge fans still want competitors to have back stories. Not that the UK competitors don’t, but US viewers don’t know these back stories. We don’t have unrestricted access to what these shows, and their origin shows are seemingly random. Meanwhile, the CBS shows align with The Challenge in the sense that they’re competition-based. Competitors on Big Brother US or Survivor US generally don’t become pseudo-celebrities. Their best wish might be a second chance to compete on BB or Survivor.

At this point, I’m seeing more problems with UK competitors than benefits. For the ones already in the casting pool, they can come back. We know them. For the ones who have only done a UK-show, keep them in the UK. I’d rather MTV spend their budget getting challenge greats, not Stephen Bears.


  1. I think UK competitors such as Kyle, Rogan, Joss, Bear, Geogria, Melissa, and Kayleigh will be more accepted because they were the first UK people to appear on the show so we are more familiar with them and their back stories. Then people like Ashley C., Sean, Esther, Idris, Nicole B., stand less of a chance because they haven’t been on long enough for us to care about them and their background.

  2. The following should be retired: Are You The One, Ex on the Beach, Geordie Shore, Big Brother, Bad Girls Club, Vanderpump Rules, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Love Island, Survivor, American Ninja Warrior, Party Down South, Floribama Shore, Shipwrecked, Survival of the Fittest, BKCHAT LDN, The Amazing Race.

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