The Challenge

Does Emilee Deserve Another Shot at The Challenge?

We’re running seriously low on Real Worlders doing The Challenge. Many have moved on, but it’s fun to think about the stories that could have been.

I recently wrote about Jozea, claiming he is worthy of another Challenge appearance. It’s rumored he was dropped from casting a few times late in the process. If there was ever another competitor who had similar bad luck, it might be Emilee Fitzpatrick. She was also an alternate a few times, getting close to being cast quite often. She was rumored to have been considered for Battle of the Seasons, she was asked for Exes 2 but probably didn’t have a suitable Ex, she was asked for Bloodlines and would have been paired with her biological sister, and she flew to Thailand to be a replacement in case someone dropped on Invasion. That’s a lot of commitment to get little in return.

Emilee Fitzpatrick The Challenge

Despite all of this, her name doesn’t get talked about a lot. It’s probably for good reason, because she really wasn’t the best at the competitions. She left Cutthroat first and Free Agents second.

I don’t really think Emilee is someone who should have come back. She was interesting enough on The Real World, but The Challenge wasn’t her forte. The only reason I would have wanted her back would be her commitment to returning to the show. It’s a shame when a person dedicates months to the casting process just to get dropped repeatedly.

If there was ever a time for her to return, it should have been Bloodlines. In fact, I’d bet she would have been cast if: the cast was slightly bigger (20 alumni perhaps), and her bloodline was really her biological sister. She may not have had great rivals or exes, but it would have been really interesting to have the two work together. Remember, Emilee was adopted so her family life is different than a lot of the other cast members’. Instead, half the cast was “cousins.”

It’s kind of easy to see why Emilee didn’t do a lot of shows. There might be more to her story than what we saw on camera, but after two early departures, it became clear she wasn’t likely to stick around much longer if she had another shot.

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