Challenge: War of the Worlds

Challenge 33 Cast Member Stephen Bear Signed “Six-Figure Deal” To Appear

The British are coming…. at a price. It appears one of the new Challenge competitors was paid a lot just to appear on the show.

Stephen Bear reportedly signed a six-figure deal to appear on an American reality show. We now know that show is the 33rd season of The Challenge.

If you don’t know who he is, and let’s face it no one in America does, here’s a highlight reel of his appearance on the UK show Celebs Go Dating.

Stephen has a list of reality appearances prior to his US debut. These include Ex on the Beach UK, Celebs Go Dating, and Celebrity Big Brother. He also hosted the UK version of the show Just Tattoo of Us for two seasons.

In the least surprising news of all, he recently broke up with his girlfriend. That means he’ll be single on The Challenge and he’ll have plenty of time to accumulate Vendettas and Exes. Perhaps that’s a good thing, because rumor has it he signed a multi-season contract. This season likely won’t be his last.

The real question is one I can’t answer: why?! Clearly he’s a huge personality on MTV UK, possibly bigger than any other UK Challenger we’ve seen thus far. This would make sense if he was competing on a UK TV show. He’s a complete unknown in the US and making an investment on him is a huge gamble. I’m sure he’ll be dramatic, but dramatic reality stars are a dime a dozen.

Oddly, The Challenge doesn’t even air in the UK. Apparently the first few episodes of Vendettas aired during late night hours but the entire season didn’t finish airing. In Canada The Challenge is aired weekly, so it would make sense to invest in a Canadian Challenge competitor. This guy has me scratching my head.


  1. I watched his season of Celebrity Big Brother on YouTube back when it was airing. (P.S. if anyone in America is interested in watching the UK versions of Big Brother, just look ok YouTube) He ended up winning his season of CBB but dear god he was insufferable. He’s like the British version of the worst Johnny Bananas you could ever imagine lol.

  2. As someone from the UK and a challenge viewer I can confirm that this is a good casting choice. He is more calculated and more controversial than Johnny. This show was made for someone like Bear. His CBB UK stint is not a prime example of Bear at his best. I think the rumoured additions of Ashley Cain and Theo Campbell is also good news they’re both worthy competitors as well as good game players. Theo is guaranteed to stir the pot. The casting of UK reality stars for Vendettas was good but they weren’t the best UK reality stars. The casting in this scenario is alot better. Season 33 is shaping up to be a good one

    1. Interesting. Glad someone from the UK was able to chime in. Were you ever able to watch Vendettas in the UK on MTV?

      As much as I believe they’re good TV, no one in the US knows that. It seems like a huge investment for someone who might not even make an impact on the US audience,

  3. Bear on the Challenge will be very interesting to think. I’m not sure what the US will think of him. He likes to wind people up and enjoys confrontation. I’m a UK viewer I started watching from Vendettas but then MTV UK stop showing the show so I then started watching online and also catching up on previous season and Final Reckoning.

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