The Challenge

Does Jozea Deserve to Make a Challenge Return?

Jozea holds a really unique position in the Challenge world. Making his debut on Big Brother 18, he first appeared on Champs vs. Stars 2 (for some odd reason). Then, he made his formal Challenge debut on Final Reckoning, making him the first and only spin-off competitor to debut on The Challenge so far. Since Final Reckoning, he hasn’t returned.

For the past couple of seasons, he was rumored to be in the running to be included on the cast. He allegedly got dropped near the departure date, and it seems like Season 36 will continue this cycle.

If we look at this time on Final Reckoning, he was dealt a really shitty hand. He started off going straight to Redemption, not because he was Purged, but because Zach & Amanda had to send someone in. Then, he fought his way back into the game: not once, but twice.

In the challenges where he did compete, he we always average or above average. Where he failed, he was in a similar position to the rest of the cast. For example, he failed the Sky Bridge challenge, but so did almost every other team. He & Da’Vonne lost the Think Tank elimination against Kam & Kayleigh, but neither team could complete it. The time limit elapsed and the determining factor was the number of correct pieces. On Challenges like Dunking for Dinner, or the Redemptions Balls to the Wall and Pyramid Schemers, he did quite well.

If we’re being quite honest, he did better than expected. His reputation on the show is predominately defined by his time in Redemption, Shane causing him to lose after throwing a Challenge, and being paired with Da’Vonne. His successes are overlooked.

His ultimate demise was due to Zach & Amanda sacrificing themselves into elimination, picking him & Da’Vonne as opponents, then Mercenaries coming in. Their elimination against Devin & Cory was debatably rigged, and after some time in Redemption, they never got to compete in a third Redemption game, so Jozea went home with Da’Vonne.

Yes, Jozea deserves a second shot. In most of the competitions where he got to earnestly try he did fairly well. He also dealt with a lot of twists and fuckery, waaaay more than any other team. I’d bring him back simply because he wanted to compete and didn’t lose his cool when the game threw dumb twists in his face.

Sadly, his might not get a second chance. I’m kind of surprise to say this, but I endorse Jozea’s return.


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