The Challenge

CT Broken Up with Lilianet Solares?

It seems we might be getting a single CT on Season 36.

Rumors have circulated recently stating that CT and Lilianet have broke up, and the source of the rumors are Lili herself.

While this does not confirm anything, Lili seems to be implying she felt unworthy and is putting her fate in the hands of the universe.

Perhaps these posts point to something else; maybe she is just upset CT left to film another show. After all, her Instagram handle is still Mrs. Tamburello.

Of course, this is not designed to spread a new rumor. Lilianet has made these posts publicly, so it seems she wants to share some information with us. The two got married on the “CT’s Getting Married” special in 2018.

I wish the best for Lilianet, CT, and their son. Whichever decisions they make, I am hoping they are for the best of their family.

UPDATE: Lilianet says the posts are not about her relationship with CT. She urged fans to get a life and do something productive. She said she keeps her relationship private, so she wouldn’t post about it. This was a bit confusing because she got married on national television.

UPDATE 2: Gamer posted this.

Official Update: CT announced on Double Agents he is separated from Lili.

CT said he is going to get some mental clarity and focus on himself.

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