Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Everything We Learned from the Reunion (Part 1)

All of the new dirt we've learned from the Double Agents reunion part 1.

Vernon Davis is back to hosting! He’s ready to drag out some secrets and meet the cast in person for the first time.

Check out part 2!

CT’s Marital Issues

CT mentioned his win was important for him because he was “going through a lot.” He had a “midlife break through” and proved he’s still good at the game. Vernon mentioned he was going through some marital issues prior to the show , but CT says “all’s good on the home front” now. Of course, CT is trying to stay private, but we can see he’s lost more weight.

Kaycee’s Knee

Kaycee reveals she ruptured her patellar tendon in her knee. She had to have surgery, but is good now.

The Big Brother Alliance

The show becomes an opportunity for everyone to shit on Fessy. Of course, Devin opens his mouth and starts taunting on Big Brother. Devin says his issue lies with the fact that some people were on the inside of the alliance while the solid three were Josh, Fessy, and Kaycee. The others were being used. While Devin admits to pushing buttons, Josh also admits he took things too personally. Josh and Devin have been hanging out outside of the show, so they might be working together in the future.

Kam and Leroy

We follow a trip down memory lane with Kam & Leroy, including when Leroy said he was “done” with Kam on the War of the Worlds reunion. He admits he’s truly in love with her, and Nany shed some tears. Nany is proud of his growth, because he used to be a “fuckboy.” Nany roomed with Kam this season, and she grew close with Kam. She feels Kam is truly in love with Leroy.

Ashley the Snake

Vernon addresses a tweet when Ashley said people were nice to your face and in texts but talk shit behind your back. Then, she admits it was about Nelson. Ashley is offended because she never did anything shady to Nelson other than stealing money from Hunter. Ashley gets emotional, because she always worries people are fake to her. Nelson apologizes because Ashley never betrayed him. He does feel “Ashley” and “snake” always comes up in deliberation because of Final Reckoning.

Fessy Fest

Aneesa accuses Fessy of not putting effort into Survive the Night and refusing to eat. Fessy says Nany didn’t want him to eat so he wouldn’t become Double Agents. That way she could steal him when she won elimination. Nany admits to that she didn’t want Fessy to win, but he’s the one who chose not to eat. Of course, Fessy never admits fault. The rest of the cast tells him that it’s OK if Kaycee is his ideal partner, but he shouldn’t be denying it at this point.

Big CT

CT and Big T revisit their falling out. CT admits he didn’t communicate effectively with her, and she admits she was upset when he made a scene about dropping their partnership. CT wishes he could have rode it out with Big T because she’s one of the best partners he ever had. Big T also expresses her happiness for CT’s victory.

Tori Troubles

Tori admits she wasn’t getting close with the new girls because she didn’t want to build relationships with people she’s going to vote out. She claims that’s “fake.” Amber M. says she felt Aneesa and Tori felt like mean girls, but Aneesa doesn’t want to be lumped in as a mean girls. However, other girls felt the same way as Amber M., including Amber B. Aneesa has apologized to Amber M. and Tori apologized in Amber M.’s DM. Amber says Tori would apologize to her face if she meant it, so Tori apologizes.

Messy Fessy

Fessy talks about his relationship with Tori who he calls a “dope” girl. Tori says she knew he was attracted to her when Fessy drunkenly called her “beautiful.” Then, they address pictures that surfaced online of Fessy and Tori on vacation together. Tori admits she’s just friends, but Tori had just broken up with Jordan and was trying to have fun however she could. Tori visited friends who work in Turks and Caicos and Fessy stopped by after getting eliminated. They just “talked” because they never had time to do it while calling Double Agents.

The Gift of Gabby

Gabby almost never got a chance to talk to Fessy because they were working with different allies. Gabby admits she thought he was attractive and Fessy shares the sentiment. However, the relationship never went anywhere. They live in different countries and Gabby is seeing someone else. Fessy called him “half a man” because he short.

We finally get to the conversation between Fessy and Nelson. But it’s coming on part 2.

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