The Challenge

Dee Nguyen Seen Hanging Out with Kellyanne Judd

Ever since MTV cut ties with Dee Nguyen and was edited out of Total Madness, she has fallen out of any spotlight.

While we can’t forget the Dee is responsible for her public falling out, it has also been emotionally and mentally challenging for her. So, she’s taken a step away from social media and her public personality.

Kellyanne was seen having a Halloween get-together when Dee was invited. There was face painting, except instead of faces, they used Dee’s boobs.

Kellyanne and Dee’s friendship seems random, as Kellyanne’s last Challenge was in 2016 and Dee began in 2019 (filmed in 2018). Of course, they do have one mutual friend: Wes. Dee was Wes’s partner on 2019’s War of the Worlds and Kellyanne dated Wes around 2008-2009. On Rivals 3, the exes appeared together and seemed friendly with one another.

Is Dee’s return a good thing? That’s up to you to decide. I wouldn’t expect her back on The Challenge, and it seems MTV isn’t too interested in Kellyanne either.

Regardless, I am glad to see Dee is doing OK. I hope she has grown since her public comments, but I was worried for her after the public scrutiny.

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  1. They also are tied via Cara Maria. Kellyanne even spent a few days hiking and hanging with Cara and Paulie in Montana during the summer.

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