Challenge: Total Madness

Dee Nguyen Banned From The Challenge

Over the past week and weekend, Dee posted a series of racially insensitive tweets in wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, murder of George Floyd, and injustices to the black community.

MTV’s official Challenge Twitter has announced they’re severing their ties with Dee:

This season of The Challenge will continuing airing as normal, but beyond this, Dee is gone.

The whole Twitter fiasco has been documented on Vevmo. Many cast members came forward to address some of the comments Dee made.

During this time, Dee has been staying with Wes in Kansas City. Wes stated he would be kicking Dee out, and when didn’t immediately vacate his house Marie and Jemmye chimed in.

This is a first for The Challenge, and probably a lesson learned after Camila’s incident on Dirty Thirty. This time they are taking a vocal stand by informing viewers of their actions and rationale.

Most likely, this is the last we will hear from Dee. I wouldn’t expect her to appear on the Total Madness Reunion which is taking place over video call.

I am glad MTV removing all doubts in this situation. This is not a situation to joke about, and The Challenge should not be a ground for racism. Unlike other “banned” cast members, viewers will know what happened to Dee and the reason she no longer appears on the show.

UPDATE: Here is Dee’s response.



    1. BLM has been exposed as a corrupt organization!! MTV should apologize to Dee and she should probably sue for lost wages due to defamation of character.

  1. I’ve not seen somebody being erased with this much venom since the North Korean leaders uncle and Trotsky by Stalin.
    Dee a travel tip, avoid Mecico City and ice picks…

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