Challenge: Double Agents

Devin is Back on The Challenge. Why?

Is there a reason Devin is returning to Double Agents?

After a three season hiatus, Devin is making a return to The Challenge. He’s never been regarded as a Challenge great, but he does have a few notable moments. Now that he has successfully gotten back onto the show, was he a necessary return to The Challenge?

Devin appeared on four prior seasons: Rivals 3, Dirty Thirty, Vendettas, and Final Reckoning. Additionally he appeared on Champs vs. Stars 2 and Are You the One? Second Chances. During his hiatus from The Challenge, Devin appeared on Ex on the Beach with Marie.

Let’s be honest: Devin’s story has been highly contingent upon a select few people. Mostly, Johnny Bananas and his allies. On Double Agents, Bananas is a notable absentee. Further, Marie absent from this season, so drama from Ex on the Beach isn’t going to migrate over.

So why is Devin back? There may be a couple of reasons. Firstly, he did have a strong showing on Vendettas where he orchestrated an elimination against Bananas and successfully eliminated Johnny. This shows his potential to play a strong social game and navigate through twists. Double Agents promises “double the twists,” so Devin might be a good addition in that regard.

He’s also close to Wes. While prior seasons have focused on Bananas and his friends, perhaps Double Agents will put Wes front and center. This would make Devin an important part of Wes’s success and part of someone else’s story line.

Likely,Devin has been close to making it on a season like War of the Worlds but was cut due to the smaller casting initiatives. After getting eliminated from Final Reckoning due to Cory’s altercation, it does feel Devin should get another shot at the show. He’s also a valuable cast member when it comes to social and political gameplay.

Now we just need to see if we get problematic Devin or a more strategic competitor.

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