Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Screen Shots from Commercial 1

MTV is airing Challenge promos. Here are screenshots from one of their commercials.

MTV has started airing promos for Double Agents in between episodes of Ridiculousness. The new commercial has a lot of the same footage from the first and second trailers, but there are some new shots.

This is a rip of a commercial that aired on MTV, so the quality is lower. Oh well.

Once again, this is a spoiler warning. Some shots of eliminations are in the mix, and it’s fairly easy to deduce who gets an early boot.

Cast wrestling on top of a truck Challenge
Fessy wrestling
Two girls wrestling
Add in some fire
Cast shot
Intro by TJ
Cory Leroy and Tori
“America’s Fifth Major Sport.”
A mission with climbing. Lolo, Kaycee, and Amber B?
Swimming challenge
Big T is back
Looks like CT
Cast members grabbing heavy beams in a challenge
Lolo. Why?
Darrell, Cory, and Devin
Helicopter challenge
The balls falling
Elimination. Looks like Tori
Obligatory CT shot
Ashley is an elimination
Kaycee in elimination
What they don’t know
A male with a darker complexion in elimination. Looks like either Fessy or Darrell
Will hurt them
Enough with Fessy talking about starting off with a bang
Here’s a bang


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